Although you get life time access for referring these sessions in future also to keep you upgraded & motivated always but we strongly recommend you to complete Leadership Program as per following schedule :-

  • Advance Leadership Development Program (15 Sessions) – within 21 days.
  • Basic Leadership Development Program (8 Sessions) -within 11 Days.

Super77 Program has been designed irrespective of age, qualification & profession. Anyone to Everyone can do this program be it working professionals, Executives, Managers, CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Professors, Freelancers, Business Owners, School Students, College Students.

Glad to share that our Youngest Super77 is studying in class 7th& our Eldest Super77 is 80-Year-Old retired government officer. Yes, everyone deserves to be living their life with growth & happiness.

Super77 is one consolidated program with 21 Leadership Skills including Life Skills, Happiness Skills, Social Skills, Soft Skills & Management Skills.

21 Leadership Skills with our Advance Leadership Development Program :-

21 Leadership Skills to Transform Your Personality
# Leadership Skills # Leadership Skills # Leadership Skills
1 Growth Mind Set 8 Stress Management 15 Mental / Physical / Spritual Wellness
2 Happiness Skill 9 Failure Management 16 Emotional Intelligence
3 Thought Clarity 10 Task Management 17 Integrity & Work Ethics
4 Punctuality 11 Team Managemet 18 Positive Attitude
5 Sincerity 12 People Management 19 Ability to perform in any Situation
6 Work beyond KRA 13 Anxiety Management 20 Work Life Balance
7 Self - Discipline 14 Conflict Management 21 Cultural Values - Humanity

All Super77 mentors are global thought leaders & currently working at top positions as Chairman, Director, CEO, COO, Founder. All of them are powerful leaders & will teach 21 leadership skills in our Advance Leadership Development Program.

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(Basic Leadership Development Program - 4 Mentors & Advance Leadership Program – 9 Mentors)

You own to enjoy Lifetime access of the specific Program & you can watch all sessions as many times.

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Yes, you will get certificate after completion of the program & can also enhance your CV with 21 leadership skills by 9 powerful thought leaders. Please read User Manual for more details.

All our sessions are Interactive Live Sessions with 100+ doubt clearing Q & A.

Yes, we do have refund policy within 48 hours but as of now no one has asked for refund.  This is because we deliver life changing experience at really affordable pricing structure. Our mentors believe that education & healthcare should always be towards helping humanity.

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