Rating = 4.9/5 (experience sharing by 500+ Transformed Leaders)

Nutan Bala

Business Head at MROhub ( Rating - 5/5 )

I always had a zeal to learn about leadership skills & Super77 has given me that platform to get mentorship from so many powerful CEO's. I am so lucky to grab this opportunity. Now I am a much better leader & learnt how to be happy in every circumstances. My special gratitude to all Super77 Mentors for guiding me on the path of my corporate journey. Special Thanks to Mr. Amit Pandey for creating such a beautiful platform for educating young managers & leaders like us. Thank you sooo sooo much.

super77->nutan bala

Monika Phartyal

Lead Digital Transformation Office & Business Partner at Page Industries ( Rating - 5/5 )

Work Life Balance is our biggest problem during these challenging times & one session has changed my entire thoughts. Now I am able to manage my family & office both without even feeling like tired. Its magical for me & I would really like to thanks Amit Sir for creating such an impactful & effective program of bringing so many mentors at one platform.Strongly Recommended for Corporate Professionals & Students.

super77->monika phartyal

Neha Saxena

Manager - Travel Admin at Square Yards ( Rating - 5/5 )

Never thought this would happen with me !!!
Covid has impacted everyone’s mind & even for me, Overthinking, Anxiety & Irritation for no reason...And then…. It was yesterday, when I came to know through a linkedin post from someone that #Super77 is live now. I went to the website & got really impressed with this unique concept of transforming personality in 21 days with 15 sessions by 9 Industry leaders / Mentors. Then what..I jumped into registration & without wasting anytime started watching DAY 1 speech by Amit Pandey on How to Build Sustainable Happiness ( even the topic is catchy specially for corporate professionals like me )2 Hour of Session got finished like in 2 Min, I have got so much engaged with humor, real time corporate culture stories & so many amazing management theories - Key Theory, 888 Theory, U Turn Theory, Bucket Theory, Garbage Theory, Lottery Theory & best one was COUNT THEORY.After that, I don’t know from where I have got so much powerful energy inside me. Never thought ONE Session can make me so much positive & charged up. Amit Pandey - You are truly a HUMAN CHARGER. Kudos to your work towards this noble cause of transforming people like us.

super77->neha saxena

Sanjeev Mahajan

COO, Escorts Kubota(Rating - 5/5)

We have decided all our 220 Escorts Kubota employees to go through Super77 Leadership Development Program after getting overwhelming feedback from our first batch of 26 HODs including myself who has just loved this program.

Super77 is offering fantastic personality transformation program which has aligned our employees with our basic
Company Philosophy of "Employee Happiness". The topics chosen and presented by various experts of Super77 has
really given me deep thought and insight of how to keep our-self above various obstacles of life. The way Super77
experts has defined and expressed basic life principals is really really wonderful and it touches your own self. Nothing
fabricated, all practical. Big thumbs up to Super77 and the persons following Super77.  

super77->sanjeev mahajan

Pratik Kishor Vaidya

Managing Director at Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Amit is always innovative in his ideas and thoughts since years of knowing him. Super77 is one just innovative thought leadership to prepare the future leaders. I am so proud to be associated with this bandwagon. The program itself is so effective and a must do task and recommended project for anyone who wants to go out of the box and has adrenaline to make it big!

super77->pratik kishor vaidya

Jagruthi Bhatt

HR Head at Tikona Infinet Ltd. ( Rating - 5/5 )

I have seen Mr. Amit Pandey (The Human Charger) creating fire on stage many times but when I started watching his sessions on Super77, OMG this man can even charge people through online also. Amazing Initiative, great speakers & really powerful content.

super77->jagruthi bhatt

Mansi Arora

Managing Director at Accenture Management Consulting ( Rating - 5/5 )

Beautiful Concept and I have personally loved all the sessions 10 out of 10 to Super77. Great Initiative by all speakers, even Super77 Free Mentorship for Under Privileged Students is where I would personally love to contribute.

super77->mansi arora

Rakesh Khurmi

CFO at Adlabs Imagica ( Rating - 5/5 )

As a CFO, I tried to looked at the ROI & first session has given me that ROI after that 14 sessions were like a bonus & I really enjoyed every session. Outstanding program specially for young professionals to get real exposure of life, learn leadership skills as early as possible and at the same time, never forget to enjoy your life.

super77->rakesh khurmi

Praveen Tandon

Head Supply Chain - IFB Industries Ltd. Goa ( Rating - 5/5 )

Loved the 2 min onboarding process, simple & so much relatable content to build leadership skills. I feel that anyone to everyone will get transformed with Super77. Amazing concept & very well executed.

super77->praveen tandon

Anushree Singh

HR Head at Educate Girls ( Rating - 5/5 )

I loved to see when Super77 launched 100% free education to under privileged students, as I am also with Educate Girls ( An NGO). This initiative touched me so much & I thought to join and see what's inside Super77. To be frank I was more curious to explore this new concept  but once I started watching the sessions, started loving them. so simple yet so powerful content which have been delivered by such powerful orators. Kudos to entire team of Super77.

super77->anushree singh

Sandeep Garg

CFO at Exicom Tele-Systems Limited ( Rating - 5/5 )

No one can miss a chance to learn from Amit specially his simple but so powerful management theories. Learning is a never ending process & we should always keep our Student alive inside us. Kudos to all mentors of Super77 for creating such an enriching content.

super77->sandeep garg

Keshav Thakur

Head of Sales (India, SAARC & MEA) at Avanseus ( Rating - 5/5 )

I am a super active person when it comes to LEARNING.
Hence without giving a second thought, I have enrolled for 21 days advance program & seriously oh sorry sincerely I loved all the sessions. After every session, I used to make my learnings and share on Linkedin. Every session has taught me so many things that now I can write a book on Super77. Kudos to all wonderful speakers & thanks for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and experience.

super77->keshav thakur

Amit k kaul

AGM & Head Admin at Exicom Tele Systems Ltd. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Just one word for Super77 - IT IS "MAGICAL"Get inside, feel it, you would start loving it. This was my experience & everyone else who joined super77 with me. This is simply magical program. Hard to explain in words but beautiful feeling when we see changes happening in our personality.100/100 to Super77 - Great Initiative, much needed in our country.

super77->amit k kaul

Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain

Director – Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad

I was so excited to hear about this new initiative of Super77 with such powerful industry leaders & decided to make all our 270 students to get benefited by this program.
To my surprise, the response from students were mind altering. Everyone has given positive feedback & shared their experience with us.
I personally endorse this program & strongly recommend to all students. Thanks to all Super77 mentors for this great initiative & coaching our next generation with various life skills & leadership skills.

super77->dr. ravi kumar jain

Vivek Singhal

SVP – Global Quality, HSE & Operational Excellence at Sterlite Power ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hey, Do you believe in Miracles ? I have seen so many miracles in my life. I belong to a small town & my journey has been full of miracles, studying in IIT Delhi was the FIRST ONE & THE RECENT ONE was SUPER77.Hats off to all the leaders who have created such a wonderful platform & helping humanity by spreading their knowledge, experience & specially management theories.

super77->vivek singhal

Navraj Sharma

Co-Founder, First Lease ( Rating - 5/5 )

Amazing Program, I started getting those positive vibes from 1st session on happiness & then 21 days was enough to build so many good habits in me.

super77->navraj sharma

Saket Sharma

Co-Founder at Sunlord International ( Rating - 4/5 )

Managing a large business was always challenging for me & I used to get so much tension everyday, Now I am a better person when it comes to task management & team management. Just don't worry & be happy in all circumstances is my key learning from Super77. Thank you so much to all the mentors.

super77->saket sharma

Mahinder Sehgl

Purchase Manager at LivGuard ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super77 has taught me how to be more sincere at work rather than getting serious into each & every task. Glad to learn that when I grow in life, I should not become a Khadoos Boss for my team. I am glad to know my path towards leadership now, hats off to Super77.

super77->mahinder sehgl

Deepika Keshwan

Sales Manager at ICICI Prudential life insurance company ( Rating - 4/5 )

Super77 has helped me to discover a new version of myself & now I am much more happy person. I have learnt how to be happy while working so hard for our job. All sessions are mind altering.specially sessions on Happiness, Spiritual Laws, Personal branding, & Winning in Life Marathon.

super77->deepika keshwan

Siddharth Mahajan

Service Improvement Manager at HCL Technologies ( Rating - 5/5 )

I was so happy when I saw Super77 & I just enrolled it without a second thought. My favorite speaker is Mr. Amit Pandey, he is a magical personality & has the ability to connect with everyone in less than 1 min. His session on how to solve 12 negative problems has changed my life. I used to get angry very fast but now he taught me trick so no more Anger Guys. I AM Super Happy Siddharth Mahajan. Thank you so much to all the mentors for impacting my life in a very positive way.

super77->siddharth mahajan

Anubhav Awasthi

Business Development Manager at Rapid Media ( Rating - 4/5 )

Highly recommended for young professionals, I have personally felt the change in my personality. I am a more happy person now & do not get irritated, hai na mast..

super77->anubhav awasthi

Shubham Vyas

Sr. Costing Analyst at Exicom Tele Systems Ltd. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Never thought that becoming a happy person is so easy, Super77 is like a magical program for me. Thanks Super77

super77->shubham vyas

Ankit Bajpai

Senior Manager-Retail at Invesco Asset Management ( Rating - 5/5 )

First Session on Happiness is really killing one & given me so much of positive energy, specially Leadership session was outstanding, so many things I have learnt & started practicing in my office. Thanks Super77.

super77->ankit bajpai

Amit Aggarwal

General Manager at Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Who will loose an opportunity to learn from such powerful industry leaders & the way they connect & share their experience is just amazing. 100 marks to Super77. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity.

super77->amit aggarwal

Shalini Gupta

Programmer at Excise And Taxation Department, Gurgaon ( Rating - 5/5 )

Superb Super77, Yes - I was not at all prepared for this one more program but thought OK, let us give it a try and just after first session, I started feeling like watching some webseries on Netflix. Entertaining & Amazing Content. Highly recommended for corporate professionals.

super77->shalini gupta

Swarnima Mishra

IT Engineer Assistant at Haldor Topsoe A/S ( Rating - 5/5 )

Now I know how to grow exponentially in corporate world & thanks to all mentors for coaching me.

super77->swarnima mishra

Priya Malhotra

Manager Commercial at Oyo Hotels ( Rating - 5/5 )

The day1 started with happiness & day 21 with learning all kind of wellness. This was like life changing experience for me. Simply Superb Program specially for corporate professionals.

super77->priya malhotra

Pooja Thakur

Manager at Steber Energy Solutions pvt Ltd ( Rating - 5/5 )

I really got influenced with all mentors who have helped me to build my leadership skills. Best learning was how to be happy 24X7X365 days & woooow I am a Happy Soul now. Thank you Super77.

super77->pooja thakur

Mantasha Wajid

MBA Student, AIPM ( Rating - 5/5 )

Thanks to the knowledge that I obtained from Super77. This journey was quite memorable for me. As I got the golden opportunity to get mentored by Mr. Amit Pandey Sir and various legendary speakers from various places. I personally can feel the drastic transformation in me, as I have the lack of confidence, lots of hesitation, even I stammer a lot during public speaking. Now I have overcome with all my problems. Super 77 charged me completely. Thank you so much Sir for this drastic improvement in me.

super77->mantasha wajid

Deepika Kulkarni

MBA Student, Dayanand Sagar ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Joining super77 was my best decision till now, these sessions have changed me from day 1, though I was always a positive thinker, I used to worry a lot that leads to trigger my migraine headaches.

super77->deepika kulkarni


MBA Student, DSU, BANGALORE ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Hi all, for me being a part of this journey is a tremendous change in my overall personality under the guidance of our very own Mr. Amit Pandey sir so called the #human charger, which actually deserves this tittle & what not.. He is my hero my mentor. The wonderful sessions conducted during this super77 program were extremely positive, engaging, informative & recreating delivered by such great speakers. Moreover I am extremely thankful to my college Dayananda Sagar University Bangalore for providing me such a great platform opportunity to grow, tranform, build over all personality seriously an amazing platform to enhance your overall personality. On my personal behalf I would I highly recommend #super77 program for everyone specially our upcoming youth & students who are willing to transform & groom their overall personality should definitely join and see the positive results out of them & get benefitted with this program under the guidance of our loving admiring our human charger #Amit Pandey sir.

super77->mohit bhargava

Tanvi Sri

MBA Student, MPGI, Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

Firstly very thankful to the team Super77 who gave me this golden opportunity to be a part of the program which changed my life. Before this program I used to get frustrated but after such powerful sessions I fell like super girl now I have started loving my self thank you Amit sir.

super77->tanvi sri

Shashank Kumar Verma

MBA Student, Doon Business School, Dehradun ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Summer period was expected to bring internship and complete it with a knowledge in working area but it was never expected that something like this could also happen in our life a real transformation that can change the meaning of living the life.

super77->shashank kumar verma

Ayush Kulshreshtha

MBA Student, GLA University ( Rating - 5/5 )

It's been a journey with such optimism that no one can experience it in their life. All thanks to @Amit Pandey sir that he took an initiative to TRANSFORM people by giving this opportunity.People around have observed many changes in me which is actually an example of my transformation journey in SUPER77 so far.Now I have become a person with a new mind-set, full of peace, enjoy the present & many more.SUPER77  gave me a platform which just changed the track of life & gave me such advice to enhance my skills & learning ability which helped me find a new version of me i.e. Ayush 3.0 ......
Must try this life changing opportunity #SUPER77

super77->ayush kulshreshtha

Divya Sharma

MBA Student, GLA University ( Rating - 5/5 )

My Transformation journey First of all I am really very delighted to be a part of SUPER77. I met the person (Amit Pandey sir ) who really enjoys and lives life very amazingly. Firstly, I want to express that my behavior before I joined Super77 was more like a very sensitive kind of personality and I used to get bothered about the little things that anyone told me. In other words, I had given the Key of My Happiness to everyone hands and somewhere down the line, I never liked myself But now I have made myself bold and I take things very calmly and most importantly, I think about myself and not for others and do the things which really give happiness to me without worrying for others. Secondly, now I believe in doing things without thinking too much about it & without getting worried about it. Once we start taking things calmly, it gets easy for us. So now I take things very positively & I love myself and self love is very important for life.

super77->divya sharma

Manish Sati

MBA Student, Apeejay School of Management ( Rating - 5/5 )

The journey with the SUPER77 team was full of fun and learning. There were many sessions from both national as well as international industry leaders in which I got to learn about corporate functioning. Thanks to CC team of SUPER77 and Mr. Amit Pandey sir for making the program successful.

super77->manish sati

Riya Agarwal

MBA Student, PSIT ( Rating - 5/5 )

#SUPER77, A platform which played a crucial role in my life. Being a part of it was a turning point in my life. I owe my entire transformation to Amit Pandey Sir who enlightened me in such a way that I turned out to be more confident, stronger, happier and a better individual than I was. After joining this team I have started looking for positivity in everything and now I can proudly say that I am full of POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. The theories and the values taught by sir hold immense worth in daily life. I feel proud and way too lucky to be a part of #Super77.

super77->riya agarwal

Simran Chawla

MBA student, PSIT ( Rating - 5/5 )

SUPER77 added wings in the journey of my career. Being a part of SUPER77 has given me enthusiasm and positive thinking. Each session was interesting and I got motivated through it and specifically, one theory that I cannot forget in my life is The Key Theory. To become successful, we need to spread love and happiness. Thank you for making me a part of this interesting journey.

super77->simran chawla

Pooja Talreja

MBA Student, ABV-IIITM Gwalior ( Rating - 5/5 )

I am Pooja Talreja. Mr Amit Pandey sir is a great mentor. He taught me theories like 888 theory, U-turn theory and many more. Applying these theories in life made me see a new perspective of life, taught me a new way to approach my problems. I learned how to be happy and content in every aspect of life. The way of teaching left a great impact on me. I learned how to be a nice human being, a better way to live my life and many other important lessons. I learned how to find the right direction. I am so thankful to Amit sir and the whole team of SUPER 77 for giving me this wonderful opportunity and for teaching me the skills for living a better life.

super77->pooja talreja

Jesteena Raju

MBA Student, Amity University Gurgaon ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super 77 is one of the best platform for motivation and skill development. I am glad to be a part of it. We have gone through so many sessions through all these one of the best was the theories session and i have used it in my daily life also. The theory which i loved and used was U TURN THEORY. This theory i used in my life and then i feel better and happy now. I was living in sad, depressed and negative life but after using this theory made me happier ever after. Same way so many motivation classes and entertainments and surprises are given by Super 77 to us. We need knowledge, skills and motivation should be given to other's too and share our experiences and views with others too so that they can live there life happily.  Thank you Super 77 for a huge platform and made me a part of it. May this platform continue for the coming generations too.Once you love this platform then you are not gonna leave it. You will feel attachment to such a lovely field which helps you also to make others also feel proud of themselves and just keep charging humans.Agar mein kuch seekha hain toh yeh hain ki "NEVER GIVE UP". Life mein hum baar baar girengee but never give up koi nahii humse sab kuch hoga but koshish karthe rehnaa ; "Koshish karne walon ki kabhi kabhi haar nahi hothi". Super 77 hain hi ithnaa superb ki kaun isse attachment na ho. Ek baar attachment ho gayi na then gum ki tarah chipak javogee koii apse alag nahi kar saktha. Sabse badii baath surprises ke baarish hothi hain. Super 77 is all about josh, emotions and happiness , a good vibe you get from it.Special thanks to our one and only Human Charger Amit Pandey Sir and all our Corporate Leaders who are supporting us and making such a great platform to grow up. Hoping it more than best.

super77->jesteena raju

Aarushi Sharma

NGF College of Engineering ( Rating - 5/5 )

I feel highly obliged that I got an opportunity to be a part of SUPER77. The quality of knowledge that has been taught here is extremely different because in today's time it is important to know the real world. SUPER77 program changed me completely. Now I am more happier and confident. This has given me the biggest and the best learning experience that I will cherish forever. From Amit sir's amazing and enthusiastic sessions related to the Myths of The Corporate World, Sustainable Happiness, Leadership to the eye opening sessions from various industry experts, everything has been perfect. Learning from the experiences of such accomplished personalities is itself a golden moment of life. SUPER77 has changed my life completely.

super77->aarushi sharma

Yamini R

Bcom 3rd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Hello, all as you all know Myself Yamini.R studying in Sheshadripuram Degree college. And yes Super77..... Talking about super77 is just like an appreciation to me where super77 gave me such a wonderful platform to showcase my talent.

super77->yamini r

Shambhavi J

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Hello everyone, I am Shambhavi. I thought of not to be boring so sharing my experience when I was into PTP through a short story

super77->shambhavi j

Adithya BS

Bcom 3rd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super 77 has been a platform where we meet many such skilled and efficient personalities who are well versed in their field and this organization is a stepping stone to success where you will get your experience and you will definitely learn many things from this. This is not a organization but it's a family of those people who are always eager and keep a smile on their face. This is place where all the people come together like a family and express themselves in their own way. All of them here will be in a zest to learn more and achieve more things in their life and we learn many new things, meet new people, learn from our previous experience and it's a pleasure to be working with such a magnificent place where you learn more and showcase your skills and talent. Age here will never matter until and unless you have the urge to learn new things and get updated. There are many professionals who will address us and teach the way of leaving life in a dynamic manner Last but not the least I would like to thank our Sri Amit Pandey Sir who is the gem of this prestigious organization followed by Priyanka ma'am and Eswar Sir who had been a great support for me and many of the interns present and all the family of Super 77 who is very proactive and it's a honour working with this wonderful organization Thank you Super 77

super77->adithya bs

Srankala Asthana

MBA Student, PSIT Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone. My name is Srankhla Asthana. No no, wait. So, boring and a lethargic way, right. Hey, cheerful day to all of u. I am the Super Srankhla Asthana. This note ?? is basically to convey about my personality transformation but in actual, this is mostly a story of transformation only its all about my life's turning point. Superr77... What's this? the same reaction of mine, as you all have in your mind currently. One boring lockdown evening I received a call from super77. I was in sleepy mode at that time n have no clue about it. U just pick the call, on the other side there was one CC member of super77. She takes my interview n after 4 days I got a mail that I m selected in super77. Among 500+student registration, only 77 students got selected. I am so happy at that time like wow' itne students me se I m selected'. And that day means 1 Saturday after getting selected, there was a session of Mr. Amit Pandey sir, known as Human charger, COO of Exiom TeleSystems, 3 times TEDx speaker n brand ambassador of international procurement legal, USA. Before the start of the session I am thinking like 'Ek or boring session', but after attending the session, I realize that I was wrong and now, I am feeling so enthusiastic and happy. Amit sir gives lots of theories to us through which we can relate our life very well n solve our queries n problem (which our always roaming in our mind) By own. And now the whole lifechanging journey was started. I would like to share 2 theories which are my favorite n really helpful to understand the extrinsic things. BISCUIT THEORY- The thought concept of if you want something, no matter the circumstances, just get it. No restrictions or excuses can get in your way of obtaining your goal no matter how big or small. And second is SAND THEORY- makes your memories wearable via sand infused jewelry, naturally sourced from our favorite havens of adventure from around the world. Reminding you that the nest moment wherever you may roam. After this many great corporate leaders from India like Mr. Sridhar Krish, COO of Tikona Pvt Ltd, Mr. Anuj Bajpai, deputy COO of Hungama digital media, Mr. Praveen Sinha, Co-founder n MD of Jabong, n also from other countries as well like Mr. Divya Chopra, president Noluma International, USA, Mr. Roger Phillips. Thanks PSIT college of management for giving this overwhelming break to me.

super77->srankala asthana


MBA Student, PSIT Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hey, I am Kanak that’s so simple.... hai na? Hello everyone my name is .....UNSTOPPABLE KANAK..... Now it sounds good, the Name I got in Super77. So from KANAK TO UNSTOPPABLE KANAK banne ki journey was started in Super 77 as an Executive Intern but when I enrolled in this Personality Transformation Program my god my life is totally changed in this 21 days program. I was confident but but but now I am SUPER CONFIDENT. I was energetic but now I am SUPER ENERGETIC. SUPER77 is just like a SURPRISE for me, bhut kuch diya hai bhut kuch shikhaya hai. When I got to know about this program I was thinking again wae Lectures wae classes, so in starting I don't want to do that but after few days I was reading comments on Linkedin, the moment I saw that comments my mind was changed and my heart said kanak lets give a try & done my registration. After watching first video on “How to Build Sustainable Happiness” of AMIT PANDEY Sir "THE HUMAN CHARGER" ( COO of Exicom Telesystems, CEO of Pincap, and Founder of SUPER 77) my perception towards my life was totally changed. All points sir coated in his videos all that problems, we all can relate our self from that, we all are facing that in our daily life but we dont know how to over come from that issues but after attending session now I know how to bounce back in life. Amit Sir, yes I am very happy now no more sadness, no more negative thoughts I have only and only my Positive attitude. In my past, when I used to feel low or weak, I used to talk to myself at that time, but now when I feel low I talk to AMIT PANDEY Sir our HUMAN CHARGER, he can charge any one, true real inspiration for me. Super 77 give me a new life, now I am having my own new version.And at last but not the least I would like to thank my PSIT college, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to TRANSFORM my personality 100% and for sure it will help me in my whole life.


Anushka Shah

MBA Student, PSIT Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

Yes, I was the one who was a negative person. One day, I got the opportunity from my college(P.S.I.T, Kanpur) to join PTP ( Personality transformation program) by Super 77. On day 1, our mentor Amit Sir told our various theories on how to bear from negativity, stress, anxiety. My most favorite theory is Bucket's theory. "One drop of black ink in a bucket can make the whole water dirty" Our mind also works in the same way. One negative thought can make multiple chains and make us a negative person. Now, If one negative thought comes into my mind I say "NO" to overthinking because negativity spreads much faster than positivity. And in this way, I have implemented all theories in my life, and after 21 days of interaction with powerful, speakers and many more wonderful sessions. I transformed into a Happy person, Positive Person. I thank you P.S.I.T for providing me such a delightful platform which helped me to become a better person. I truly thank you, Amit Sir (Human Charger) for starting Super77. It is really helpful for students to be a better version. I can proudly say that I AM ANSHUKA SHAH Version 2.0 :-)

super77->anushka shah

Dharna Chaturvedi

MBA Student, GLA university ( Rating - 5/5 )

It was the excellent experience with this program. It was very amazing course because of this I encouraged alot .It was great journey and in this I saw so many things and I am pleased to have this program because it helped so much . And also help to know how you can get success in you life.In this there was so many speaker gave speech on that and I grab the things .If you can decide anything then definitely you can do that if you really want to do .

super77->dharna chaturvedi


Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 4/5 )

Good platform to learn I had a beautiful journey with super77 I had learn many things. Thank you Super77.


Sanjay S

BBA 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Super 77 which is known as super as any other personality development program where people get transformed themselves make a foundation for their career for their betterment of life.

super77->sanjay s

Revanth MG

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

"I'm very glad to be a part of this Super77. Thank you Amit pandey sir for all your love and support.

super77->revanth mg


Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello Everyone
My Name is Jayashree, One day I got the opportunity from my college (sheshadripuram Degree College) to join PTP (personality transformation program) by Super 77. I just joined to PTP days ago I don't know much about PTP but when I go through the reviews I earn some knowledge of negativity and about some theories like Biscuit Theory, Sand Theory and Buckets Theory in this I liked Bucket's Theory. One drop of black ink in a Bucket can make the whole water dirty "" our mind is also works in the same way one negative thought can destroy whole postiveness I say no to negative thoughts because over thinking spreads negativity much faster than positivity. I THANK YOU Sheshadripuram Degree College for providing this opportunity and I THANK YOU Amit sir for starting super 77, it is really helpful for students.


Keerthi Doddi

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone Myself keerthi. I am very grateful that i came to kwon about super77 PTP where it helped me in many ways i have seen each and every videos those inspirable to me so i am thankful to super77 and for Mr. Amit pandey sir. To say about the experience it was very good and it’s not easy to make personal development where all the videos impacted on me. So, i am so thank full to super77 for those wonderful and inspirational videos and special thanks to Amit sir where his videos and aspects he said were great. Where it helps to make our own decisions and build our career. Thanks you super77 for a nice opportunity.

super77->keerthi doddi

Namitha K

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone I am Namitha First of all I would like to thank you Amit sir and all team members for giving me a chance to participate in Super 77 PTP. This program have helped me in to build my unique personality and as well as positive coming to my experiences at super77, at the beginning I didn't even thought of transforming myself. After by listening the sessions one-by-one, I understood the need of transformation. Really this transformation session have brought a change in my life. Now I can see that I have changed a lot. It's all possible because of Super77 team and it means a lot to me. I just only want to say Thank you so much Amit pandey Sir. Because of this Super77, I got the chance to transform, motivate and inspire myself. Thank you Amit sir and Super77. Namitha K

super77->namitha k

Dhanush K

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone I am Dhanush.
One day member of super 77 called me and said me about PTP (Personality Transformation program) At that time due to these pandemic time i had lost all my peace mind where i used to get angry Just like an angry bird The day from when i started attending personality Transformation program it start to change me. I started utilizing the theories said my ""Amit pandey"" sir Hero of super 77. The theory i liked and used was ""biscuit theory Just give those biscuit and move on Thank you ""Amit Pandey"" sir for the great education and enlightening us Dhanush K BCOM - 2nd year (Seshadripuram Degree College) Bangalore

super77->dhanush k

Nikitha S

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

I am Nikitha , and I am the girl who always used to stay dishearten before . But now I don't even know the meaning of sadness. Because I learnt so much from the personality transformation program which have made me to explore everything like from books to place to understanding every situation. This program specially changed my mind, personality everything. Special thanks to Amit Pandey sir. He is the Founder & CEO of Super77 which provides a really powerful leadership certification program for a complete personality transformation and I am so glad that I have taken this program and just in love with my life. The way Amit sir explained about so many theories. They are the real life changing theories I have ever heard. I am completely transformed from the old me to the new me. Which I can tell in short and simple words that is Nikitha 2.0. Iam very very happy. Every beginning is a new beginning. And every day is a second chance. I am very glad to be part of this SUPER77, Iam enjoying each and every minute. THANK YOU SUPER77. And finally I thank Seshadripuram Degree College for providing such a good opportunity.

super77->nikitha s

Padmavathi M

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram Degree college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Hi, hello everyone, my name is Padmavathi, I am the battery charged by the human charger Amit Pandey sir, the CEO of super77. Whenever I feel low and empty, I always listen to Amit Pandey sir videos, and charge myself back to a energetic person. I will be motivated so much that makes me feel like I can achieve anything in this world if I really work hard. And whenever I feel stressed, after listening to the Videos, I feel lot more relaxed and clear up my mind to learn something new.

super77->padmavathi m

Ishan Trisal

BTech Student, PSIT Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

College life is the life in which we face many opportunities as well as challenges or opportunities comprised with challenges . Hello to all . I am Ishan trisal ,a student of btech 3rd yr in PSIT . In the last two years of Btech, I was just collecting the information from my seniors and professors about how to get a good job, which company is good, trying to applying things which others were pursuing in hope of getting adjusted with it but I was just not getting happy about it or getting excited about it. So when one day I got the opportunity to be a part of super 77, firstly I thought that another boring course and that too on personality transformation. At that moment I thought to neglect it but I also thought that I should give it a chance so I joined it and ( the imp. Part comes here): When I get to hear Amit pandey sir( also known as HUMAN CHARGER) in the first video (creation of sustainable happiness) of Super 77, I was amazed by it and was filled with of motivation and confidence. The way he taught us to convert our negativity into positivity (by Bucket theory) was just amazing and truthful and the way of accepting of things differently was also quite fascinating. In more videos of Super 77 different ideologies on laws of success (by Ketan Bhagat sir), importance of public speaking(by Pankaj Mehta sir) etc., was also adding colors to the art. And now I am a more confident and motivated, excited to participate and achieve in different fields, all that tension of what to do and how to do is gone and I am focused on things which are truthfully helpful in my future. So concluding this I would say only one thing that maybe it all sounded like a story but it is an actual personal transformation.

super77->ishan trisal

Manali jain

BTech Student, PSIT Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

I was waiting for something that will give more dimensions to explore my life that is totally different from what I was engaged in. When I get the chance to took the super77 course. I registered thinking that i got something to do . When I started super77 21 days course I was thinking that I will complete this course in just 3-4 days but I was wrong because after each video my mind start thinking about reality of my life. There are lots of theories scientifically explained . What I like in that are examples explained in super style realistic manner. After joining this course I get the opportunity of attending live sessions of Amit pandey sir(known as human charger) . Now I am more confidence on myself and knows that nothing can stop me if I am with me. I personally suggests this course to all. Specifically student. I am so thankful that I am the family member of super77.

super77->manali jain

Doppa Nandini

MBA Student, St.pious X degree and PG college ( Rating - 5/5 )

Its really an amazing and peaceful journey which I have experienced through virtual Platform, I would like to thank Mr. Amit pandey sir (human charger) ,A great personality for providing such a wonderful theories which helps me a lot ,I really got transformed in many aspects, and especially I would like to thank all the great industry leaders Who are involved in super 77, they shared a lot of knowledge and their experiences which is very inspiring and motivational Thank you super 77

super77->doppa nandini

Devashish Maini

MBA Student ,Lovely Professional University ( Rating - 5/5 )

Well, the journey has been great and all the sessions were mind-altering. The amount of navel-gazing after such sessions has brought a monumental change in my mindset. The theories, session after session have given so much perspective to the life, that in such short span, I have seen myself bring the best in me on every single platform. The observation and focus have never seen a varied vision if I had to metaphorically mention about the approach. The Rock Personality that I have endured by these sessions, would not work in Draupadi’s way of life and follow the 888 Theory and 10,000 Hour theory of time along with keeping my Key to happiness to myself. If any thought which will bring negativity, I shall take A U-Turn from that and lead my way with the power of simplicity and richness of Gratitude.

super77->devashish maini

Prem Charan R

MBA Student, Sree vidyanikethan Institute of Management. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hey! My name is Prem Charan R and I'm from Palakol, Andhrapradesh. I'm very glad to be a part of this SUPER 77 . Thank you AMIT PANDEY sir for all your love and support. Coming to my experiences at super77, at the beginning I didn't even thought of transforming myself. Gradually by listening the sessions one - by - one, I understood the need of transformation. From then I'm trying to get rid of negatives and concentrating more on positives. I have learnt many theories from our human charger and I am often trying to practice these theories whenever there is a possibility.

Because of this super77 , I got the chance to transform , motivate and inspire myself. Thank you Amit pandey sir and Team Super 77

super77->prem charan r

Abhinav Dubey

MBA Student,Axis Institute of Planning and Management. ( Rating - 5/5 )

First of all, I would like to thank you Amit sir and all CC team members for giving me a chance to participate in super 77 programs. This program has helped me to build my unique personality and as well as a positive attitude. I am following 888 theory and this is helping me to manage all my daily routine in an easy way, and also sir told many theories like u-turn theory, key theory, etc. I am also following such theories to enhance my personality.

super77->abhinav dubey

Tina Hanchate

MBA STUDENT, Woxen School of Business ( Rating - 5/5 )

I thought, 'I've got nothing to lose by giving it a go' – and in reality the mentoring program has absolutely exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend it to all MBA students. Hearing about the experiences and approaches of well-renowned industry leaders was very important to my perception of what it takes to be a great manager.

super77->tina hanchate

Sonali Kashyap

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 4/5 )

Hello Everyone, I am Sonali Kashayap studying in SHRI RAMSWAROOP MEMORIAL GROUP OF PROFESSIONAL COLLEGE and yes SUPER77. First of all, I would like to thank you MR. AMIT PANDEY and my team leader MS. DEEPALI SRIVASTAVA for giving me a chance to participate (as an intern) in SUPER77. As that time due to those pandemic situations. I had lost my patience, where I feel to get angry. I just joined the SUPER77 and I always listen SUPER77 session videos and I feel change myself back to an energetic person. I will be motivated so much that makes me feel like, I can achieve my goal in this world if I really work hard. I just want to say thank you so much SHRI RAMSWOOP MEMORIAL GROUP OF PROFESSIONAL COLLEGE TEAM because to invite MR. AMIT PANDEY of SUPER77 (PTP)

super77->sonali kashyap

Pragya Tiwari

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super77 is just not only a word but Full of emotions and Different path where we not only get to learn but also transform ourselves into a better version. Super77 is a platform which is not only about knowledge but also about how one Can change his/her personality by removing all the negativities and bringing positive thoughts in our mind which can create a happiness in life. Super77 is not only for students but it is a place where any person can learn and earn something. we can also explore ourselves and build a new personality within us by seeing sessions of eminent speakers. My special thanks to Mr. Amit Pandey sir who has done the foundation of Super77 PTP he has motivated all of us a lot from his real-life experiences and I would also like to thank Riya Rai who supported me during my internship and guided me a lot during this journey. I am very grateful that I am part of Super77 and coming into another family where every day we will learn a new theory and add up some more positivity which will lead to new transformation within us.

super77->pragya tiwari

Palak Tiwari

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

One day one of my friends asked me a question that what's the secret of your happiness’. My only answer is because of super 77. By Super 77 I have learned many things like how to overcome with my problems, how to improve my skills. And yes, this is all because of super 77...now I am confident Palak Tiwari, I have learned leadership skills, selling skills and many more. This is all because of Amit Panday sir that he provided me with such a great platform where I can really transform myself. And now I am a happy person more. Thankyou Shri Ramawaroop Group of Professional College. For providing me such a great and wonderful opportunity.

super77->palak tiwari

Riya Rai

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

First time when I attended the Online Webinar of Mr. Amit Pandey sir who is a CEO of Pincap, his each and every word were so inspiring, I started to admire him as a role model. When I get to know about Super77 which is PTP under the guidance of Amit Pandey sir and different corporate leaders, I mailed to my Placement Director that how badly, I want to be the part of Super77. I was so fortunate that i got selected among 500 students of 35 universities of India. I got the mail from Super77, i was excited because when Amit sir words, his thoughts inspire me so much and his theories works as a miracle in a day. After joining Super77, my perspective, thoughts clarity, confidence, attitude, everything is changed now and I’m much more happy and confident personality than before. No more sadness is there in my life, no anger, no overthinking problem, I’m not at all worried about my future because Super77 has transformed my personality and help me in developing a new version of myself (Version 2.0). From Super77 I have learned so many things, which really helped me in building by positive personality, enhancing my skills, developing leadership qualities, gained lots of experience in these 7 months and got a chance to connect with students of different colleges and learn so many things from them. I will always be grateful to Amit sir for providing us such a great platform for enhancing our personality, given us an opportunity to learn new skills and create a strong relation with other students. My words will always be less to express my feelings about Super77, Super77 and Amit Pandey Sir is just a blessing for me, during the worst situation of lockdown. I strongly believe that each and every person should do Super77 Personality Transformation Program. Each and every session of Super77 which is conducted by 9 Corporate Speakers is so powerful, so energetic, full of positivity, reality and making us ready for corporate life because Super77 strongly believe in “Sharing Experience, Not Opinion". I will always be thankful to my college Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of professional colleges, Lucknow and our Placement Cell Coordinator Manish sir who organized the online webinar of Amit sir and gave me this opportunity that i can be the part of such a powerful model.

super77->riya rai

Swati Singh

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello Everyone, This is Swati Singh, and I would like to share my experience from being a day dreamer to quick learner. I always got nervous, often stressed full of anxiety but now, those things have become the past. Now I have been transformed from a failed battery to a fully functional charged one, all thanks to the Human Charger, Mr. Amit Pandey Sir. That was one of the best decision of my life to join the Personality transformation Program by Super77. The content of those videos and the documents are amazing, and I feel that it covers almost all the loopholes which a person faces normally in their life. Those videos helped a lot so as to build my confidence, enhanced my vision to think in a multi-dimensional aspect, transformed my ability to face the situation and also it relaxed me from all those unnecessary stresses which often seemed to be a great hurdle in my career growth. I heartily thank you Amit Pandey Sir, for your immense effort to build a fantastic platform for the problems which I feel is common to every individual. These are the problems which people feel difficult to share and are always stuck in the virtual pseudo boundary of their capability. This program is a must for every individual who feel low in their personal life, doubting their strength and weaknesses, being hurdled by their anxiety and nervousness. Thank You SUPER77 for the everlasting experience and valuable learning.

super77->swati singh

Unnati Vishwakarma

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Firstly, let me introduce little bit about Super77- ‘ Super77 is an online Personality Transformation Program (PTP) that connects the passionate aspirants to that lives of experienced industry leaders and to explore their journey from scratch to success.’ Now, I would like to thank Mr. Amit Pandey Sir (The Human Charger) for giving me an opportunity to be a part of super77. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing platform which helps in transforming myself. It was really a great session with Mr. Amit Pandey Sir and all the powerful industry leaders. I got to learn a lot of things from your theories and mantras, theories such as – Key theory, lottery theory, U turn theory, 888 theory and many more theories which you have discussed in the sessions all these helping me to manage all my daily routine in easiest way and I am following such theories to enhance my personality. I feel that I can also do something big in my life, my confidence started increasing, I started ignoring all the negative thoughts, I forgot about the anxiety, tensions, sadness etc. This platform helps in to build my unique personality and as well as positive attitude. I am so thankful to you Amit Pandey Sir that you bring such an amazing Personality Transformation Program.

super77->unnati vishwakarma

Rajan Gupta

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hey everyone, I am Rajan Gupta, I am very happy to be a part of Team SUPER77. NOW I am just happy in my life, no more sadness. SUPER77 the personality transformation program is a second chance to restart your life from sadness to happiness. As in the college there were also organised a grooming session this one is totally different from that. In the beginning when I was started to join the session so I thought it is like a motivational session but when it continues then I started to watch the videos. It gave me some different changes and now I can feel that changes. I learnt so much from the personality transformation program which have made me to explore everything like from books to place to understand every situation. In this program a big thanks to Amit Sir and all the special guests those who gave us the lots of knowledge and skills to solve the problem. Amit Sir gave us various theories like water theory, key theory, 888 theory and so on. If any person can apply these theories in his life/career so they can get success in his life. I am completely transformed from the old one to new one. I can say in the simple language that Rajan 2.0. I am so happy with these changes. At last I want to say that THANK YOU THANK YOU SUPER77 and I am very happy to be a part of this team.

super77->rajan gupta

Reena Pandey

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

I have successfully completed the personality transformation program from super 77, super77 is an endless journey for me. I would like to big thanks to Mr. Amit Pandey sir and all our worthy guest. After completing the journey of super77 now I can proudly say I am a more happier person of my life This Super 77 journey was really mind-blowing for me. now I can see myself as a different personality, it’s all things possible only because of Mr. Amit Pandey sir and all our respected speakers. the journey has been really rejuvenating of mind and soul. Many congratulations to the entire super77 family for completing A personality transformation program successfully, now once again I want say very big thanks to Amit sir for everything.

super77->reena pandey

Akanksha Tiwari

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone, Firstly, I would like to say Thank you so much Mr. Amit Pandey sir (The Human Charger) to commence this energetic session and I Feel very proud to be a part of super77. I really appreciate about this brainstorming session. Till now I saw only one session i.e. ‘How to create sustainable happiness' but from this video I realized that happiness is the most important part of our life. In whole session one more thing, I also want to say that all theories were very amazing and visualizing theory. Starting from this theory I have learnt i.e. ‘How the good things in our life without letting the bad things overshadow. I really enjoyed this session. Many things were related to my life. I have learnt a lot of things, about led on to try different ways of thinking and approaching visualization of our life in practically and also got a chance to know our self. Now I’m totally boost up my mind and forget all the negative things. Thankyou sir! You taught me to work hard, fueled by passion, and to dream big. Having a mentor like you is a blessing.

super77->akanksha tiwari


MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Firstly, I would like to thanks Mr. Amit Pandey sir (The Human Charger), who started this amazing platform and thankyou sir for giving me chance to be part of the amazing journey of super 77. You are a virtual parent for all students, because of you sir I got a chance to listen to many powerful industry leaders and really sir all the sessions were amazing and powerful. I didn’t even thought of transforming myself but after watching all those powerful sessions Now I am got transformed and more happier person and now I can proudly say that yes SUPER77 can completely transform everyone. Amit sir, my life changer, my thoughts changer, my inner changer. I am grateful to you for your guidance. You taught me to differentiate between right and wrong. In short Sir, I appreciate everything that I’ve learned from you. Thank You! sir you motivated me to me best at my own way......


Ankita Srivastava

MBA Student, SRMGPC, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

I just want to say that super77 totally changed my life because of this NOW I am a happier person and I totally forgot about the anxiety, tension, sadness, etc I used to have before the program. Really this transformation session have brought a change in my life. All the sessions and theories were amazing and mind-blowing. And I feel lucky that I got a chance to listen to many powerful industry leaders And honestly this program helped me in building my personality and totally changed my life and I also applied many theories especially (U-turn, count theory) in my life because of this now I am more happier and a positive person and I totally forget about the anxiety, sadness, overthink, depression. I would highly recommend it to everyone to join super77. I really enjoyed all sessions and I have learnt many things from this wonderful journey of super 77 and I can surely say that super 77 can transform a person completely. At last, thank you so much Mr. Amit Pandey sir I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness and I like to let you know that your guidance changed my life. You taught me the true meaning of life and inspired me to work hard. You changed the vision of my life I’m grateful to have you as my guide. You inspire me to turn dreams into reality. Whatever I’m today, is only because of the help and guidance of yours. I cannot explain how thankful I’m to have you as my mentor. It was a wonderful journey with you. Your supervision and care never failed to amaze me. Thank you sir, for your time and sharing your experience. Thank you so much Amit Sir and all our great mentors.

super77->ankita srivastava

Durgesh Agrawal

MBA Student, GLA university ( Rating - 5/5 )

No Doubt, I have transformed myself 100% with Super77 Mentorship Program. Super77 is a feeling & my journey is hard to explain in words.

super77->durgesh agrawal

Ekta goswami

MBA Student, GLA university ( Rating - 5/5 )

First of all I would like to a big thanks to the team of super 77 for such a amazing sessions through this super 77 session, I got a chance to develop my personality and motivate myself . I have learnt a lot of things related with life and corporate world and understand how to face the real situations which will help you to achieve your goal so that you can get success very easily.

super77->ekta goswami

Gulshan saraswat

MBA Student, GLA university ( Rating - 4/5 )

This is an amazing mentorship program & I have personally experienced a huge change in my personality towards positivity & YES, I got transformed 100%

super77->gulshan saraswat

Vinutha B R

BCOM Student, BGS First grade college ( Rating - 5/5 )

It's amazing to feel SUper77. All our mentors connects so well with everyone of us & that is how transformation happened with me.

super77->vinutha b r

Shashikala D S

BCOM Student, BGS First grade college ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super is the best and best online personality transfermation program. Firstly I would like thank amith sir for your amazing motivational speech. It is very helpful to me and I'm proudly say I'm super 77.

super77->shashikala d s

Bhoomika B S

BCOM Student, BGS First grade college ( Rating - 4/5 )

It's amazing, beautiful feeling - Hard to explain in words.

super77->bhoomika b s


BCOM Student, Seshadripuram degree college ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello , I am Deeksha so this is the real me now. NOW I am a NEW DEEKSHA as I am so happy in my life. No more sadness . Personality transformation program from super77 is just a second chance to rewind your life from sadness to happiness. Yes , in the beginning when I got to know about PTP I rarely show intrest in such program. but once when I started to watch those videos . It just changed my mind. The way Amit sir ( COO of Exicom Telesystems, CEO of Pincap , Founder of Super77) was telling about his journey and the success just got me that spirit , enthusiastic and energy . I just learnt everything is possible only if we think it is possible. Also Amit sir has said about lots of theories . Like which relates to our life problems. Which are really applicable in reality. And those theories are game changing this theories are the answer for your problem you are facing. He is the real Human Charger , real inspiration and he is the one who have worked so so hard to reach the goal of his life. It's not that easy to recieve 120+ awards. But he has received and achieved. I sometimes used to be unhappy in my life due to personal reasons. But once I gone through all the videos. I got to know that even that reason have a purpose. For everything their is a purpose. And every reason will teach some lesson for sure. And also the main thing wich I learnt is giving up is very easy , but at the same time without giving up when we explore it shows our destiny. Wich I am really enthusiastic and me to take a good challenges in life. Last but not the least. When this is very useful for me. This will even be useful for you also. So , why are you waiting still. Just explore your bound of happiness. And I am sure that you will thank me later. Thank you Seshadripuram college for providing such a wonderful and golden opportunity. This changed my life.

super77->deeksha m

Jitendar Kumar singh

BTECH Student, Lovely professional university ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super77 is a beautiful and helpful platform which help me to transform into a confident person.Thank you super77.

super77->jitendar kumar singh

Revathy R

PUC Student, St Anne's pre University College for girls ( Rating - 5/5 )

"Myself Revathy ,I am glad to share my experience regarding the transformation program lt has increased my confidence level over these few months .l should really thank amit Pandey sir and all the mentors for their inspirational words. This transformation program is full of positive thoughts and positive people so I felt it's really easy to overcome negativety . I have learnt many new theories that was very helpful for me to find a better me and proud to be a part of super77 family and finally I want to tell that this transformation program has motivated me alot to

super77->revathy r

Lovepreet kaur

BBA Student, Integral University Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

It's really amazing. I have learnt many positive things through this & when I started practicing it, transformation happened in me.

super77->lovepreet kaur

Lalitha prakash

BCOM Student, Seshadripuram institute of commerce and management ( Rating - 5/5 )

It was good experience i have learnt so many things from super 77 thank you for giving me this opportunity for learning

super77->lalitha prakash


BCOM Student, Vidya vardhaka first grade college ( Rating - 5/5 )

It helped me to build up my strength & thought me to face the problem rather than being depressed it helped me alot . Thank you 😊


Krishnaveni R


Great Experience, Must needed in our country. Very useful & we are now ready for a bright future.

super77->krishnaveni r


MBA Student, Seshadripuram main college, Bangalore ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hello everyone, I am Shambhavi.J I thought of not to be boring so sharing my experience when I was into PTP through a short story :- A father once took his boy into a toyshop. The boy got away from his dad and found a statue of a man made of balloons. The boy looked at it for a minute, and then he drew back his fist and hit the balloon man just as hard as he could. The man fell over, and then popped right up. The confused boy backed off and looked at him again and then hit him again as hard as he could. Again the man fell over, and again he popped right back up. The boy's father walked around the corner and saw his son hit the balloon man. The father asked the son, Why do you think he comes back up when you hit him and knock him down? The boy thought for a minute and said,I don't know.I guess it's because he's standing up on the inside.And that's how super77 changed me I started being more confident, I underwent increased happiness and active life along with that there was a increased sense of self worth in my life   My huge thanks to Amit Pandey sir and the whole super77 team for being the reason for happiness in many lives.


Tulasi Y.N


It's an excellent mentorship program, it has improved my knowledge and build a huge confidence in me. Now I am a changed, confident & positive person.Thank you so much Super77.

super77->tulasi y.n

Bhoomika Patil

MBA Student, Sharada Vidyalaya Public School ( Rating - 5/5 )

The journey with Super77 was very amazing. I knewed all inspirational person with conversation in google meet. I felt very proud to be in Super77.

super77->bhoomika patil

Ayan Mondal

MBA Student, Acharya Bangalore Business School ( Rating - 4/5 )

It's awesome program I can feel the change. and Yes, I am seeing my new version 2.0. Thank you so much Amit Sir and Aarushi for giving me this opportunity.Good luck to Super77.

super77->ayan mondal


MBA Student, Asc degree college ( Rating - 5/5 )

I'm Brunda.A from asc degree college I have participated in "Basic personality transformation program" This program were good it helped me lot for my future goals . The live interaction programs were good it was my best experience in super77 .Thank you who all guided and trained me.


Deepali srivastava

MBA Student, Shri ramswaroop memorial group of professional college, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

I learned so many things, from super 77 like how to learn from small things which I use to do in my life on regular basis and it will help in our near future that how to handle a work and how to do work effectively. Super77 give motivation to me to work for a future in the lockdown. Thank you Super 77 Family and Amit Sir to motivate me.

super77->deepali srivastava

Sahil Verma

MBA Student, Amity university, Gurgaon ( Rating - 5/5 )

I was glad to work with Super77 team. It was a very amazing journey. Although, I have seen a positive changes in myself after being transformed from the journey. I have used 888 theory in my life which helped me alot and transform me to a happy person. During my internship, my team leader always helped me and guided me to a correct path which helped me to complete my target with duely time. I would really like to give my special thanks to our Human Charger Mr. Amity pandey sir, whose guidance and support have always helped me in my entire internship. He had always motivated with his amazing speech and amazing experiences. Thanku so much for this lovely opportunity. There is one famous line which I generally follow-"Pain is Gain". If there is no pain, then we will not be able to gain. Live sessions and webinars helped me alot in bringing up changes in myself by listening their amazing experience which were motivating and inspiring. Thank you super77.

super77->sahil verma

Shiva Shankar s

MBA Student, SSMRV Degree College ( Rating - 5/5 )

It was really helpful after seeing all videos now I am super confident person & can do anything and everything.

super77->shiva shankar s

Ritika singh

MBA Student, GLA University, Mathura ( Rating - 4/5 )

Super 77 helps me a lot in transformation

super77->ritika singh

Pushyami Reddy

MBA Student, Emeralds degree College, Tirupati ( Rating - 5/5 )

This mentorship program has changed my daily routine, which I thought would never happen. I will remember life long Super77. Thank you so much.

super77->pushyami reddy

Saty Prakash Kumar

MBA Student, R.R.S.D. College OF Engineering, Begusarai ( Rating - 4/5 )

"Advance Personality Transformation Program of Super 77 is very fruitful. I was worried about my future, over thinking, personality and happiness but ""Super 77"" Program helped me restore my key of happiness, My own value and living a positive life.

super77->saty prakash kumar

Nitish Mehra

MBA Student, ( Rating - 5/5 )

Super 77 has evolved in terms of practical exposure, advices and what it needs to build a great impact in today's world. It's been a great journey for me and yes have also learned a lot many things from being part of Super77 through Amit sir with all his amazing theories.

super77->nitish mehra

Animesh Pandey

MBA Student, SRMCEM, Lucknow ( Rating - 5/5 )

Well, the journey has been great and all the sessions were mind altering. It was really a surprise for me when I was selected for super77 from the first session to now I have learnt a lot of things related with life and corporate world & positivity in life. I have seen myself bring the best in me on every single platform. The observation, and focus have never seen a varied vision if I had to metaphorically, mention about the approach. I feel that something change in myself its all because of Amit sir, The rocking personality that, I have endured by these session, and would not work in Draupadi's way of life and follow the 888 Theroy and 10,000 hours theory of time along with keeping, my key to happiness to myself. Thank you "cc" member and all guests.

super77->animesh pandey

Parth Pratik Godse

MBA Student, College of engineering, Pune ( Rating - 5/5 )

I would say that before joining the Super77 I never used to enjoy the moments in life, usually used to waste a lot of time on social media, never used to be a calm and cool minded, too lazy, had a goal in life but not putting much efforts in it each day. So basically I had all those qualities through which a person cannot succeed. Later one day, my friend suggested me to join super77 program. At first I thought it will be of no use for me but then I started watching the videos with a small note book making notes in it every session. Then also it really doesn't had much impact on me till the day when I decided to start implementing those learnings in my real life. And then all the sudden it started to have a huge impact in my life in every aspect I would say( studies , relationships , aim in life ,etc). And now, if i compare the present me (Parth Pratik Godse 2.0) and the one before super77 it's totally different and I can feel this and even the people around me too. Now I feel I'm more calm minded person, searching for solutions everywhere rather than blaming the problem, managing time well, focusing more on my aim of life, and living a happy life. Special thanks to Super77 program and Sir Amit Pandey (He is the best). Transformation will definitely happen.

super77->parth pratik godse

Sanjeev Mahajan

COO at Escorts Kubota India ( Rating - 5/5 )

I have attended so many training programs in my life by ONE trainer on different topic, but these 21 days were full of knowledge & learnt different life experience from all leaders. Even my son studying BTech from IIT Roorkee has also completed this program & we both used to enjoy every session together. Thanks Super77.

super77->sanjeev mahajan

k.jashwonth reddy



super77->k.jashwonth reddy

Nittala Rohit

MBA Student, SRKR Engineering College ( Rating - 5/5 )

The program has palyed a turning point in my life. the sessions are very good. They helped me to overcome my mental illness and being a person with only and only positive vibes.

super77->nittala rohit


MBA Student, PSIT, Kanpur ( Rating - 5/5 )

The journey has been really Mind-altering. The powersource of this powerful Journey was none other than the humancharger himself, Mr. Amit Pandey In addition to this, I would like to thank all our worthy guest speakers who spared their valuable time to inspire us. The Journey was Amazing And Motivational.



MBA Student, IMED ( Rating - 5/5 )

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! SUPER77 .I joined super 77 in the month of May and today I can honestly feel that this personality transformation program changed my life. I have grown into the best version of myself and now i have a completly different outlook towards things.

super77->yogita sharma


MBA Student, Aristotle college ( Rating - 5/5 )

My confidence level has been increasing day by day. I'm happy spending my time with my family members and have started enjoying their company. I've been able to Increase my patience level. Concentrating on having me time. Planning about my future.


Karthik Lakka Mohan

MBA Student, Bennett University ( Rating - 5/5 )

When I first heard of Super 77, I thought it must be a some sort of publicity program. Now, after going through all the coaching under Super 77 I realize how mistaken I was. I have been transformed to a completely new person. I'm much happier now & I started maintaining good relationships with everyone. Super 77 has also helped me a lot to build my online presence.

super77->karthik lakka mohan

Mehek Kalra

MBA Student, LPU ( Rating - 5/5 )

#SUPER77 program: An Initiative by Mr Amit Pandey, This program helped me in overcoming many fears like confidence level, many negative issues like a lot of stress or anxiety so far. I realized one thing from the leaders that there is no positive or negative word, it's just your state of mind.

#SUPER77 program makes you understand the significance of motivation in your life. Thank you Mr Amit Pandey Sir for this dedication, time , efforts and helping us in resolving our problem throughout this journey.

super77->mehek kalra

Geetank Bhatia

MBA Student, Institute of management and entrepreneurship Development,BVP ( Rating - 5/5 )

Hi, I am Geetank Bhatia. I am very grateful to be part of SUPER77. The learning and Insights that we have got from here have transformed us all to become a better person , to become a better leader and most importantly we have learned how to be happy. Tell me what is better than learning directly from the Founders, CEOs and from the Market Leaders. We learned about Spirituality, Leadership, Career, Happiness and what not. I Highly recommend this program!

super77->geetank bhatia

Kriti Uppal

MBA Student, Apeejay School of Management ( Rating - 5/5 )

SUPER77 is a transformation journey in which I have learnt all the positivity on the earth. The Theories of Life that I learnt always get in my mind whenever I get into a situation which is not right. Awesome sessions which will definitely boost your energy and refresh your mindset!

super77->kriti uppal

Ravi Nayak

MBA Student, BVRIT ( Rating - 5/5 )

Amazing sessions! I learnt many things from these sessions and I feel better to manage conflicts and negotiation now. I learned a lot of new theories & ideas in a simple yet interesting way. Thank you for giving me this opportunity ?????? I really loved it! Thank you AMIT sir

super77->ravi nayak

Kritika Awasthi

MBA Student, Apeejay Institute of Management. ( Rating - 5/5 )

After joining #SUPER77 I found some parts of me that I had lost a long time back. #SUPER77 has given me a new perspective to understand and see everything. I live with more confidence, clarity, vision and peace. Mr. Amit Pandey is doing a great job, giving people the attitude of being positive while surrounded by so much negativity. His manner of explaining things is so good that everyone can connect with his words and life seems so easy to live after listening to him. In this situation of pandemic, you have kept us positive that everything will fall into its right place as time passes. The tools I have learned will be with me in my Journey. KAASH YE KAARWAAN YUN HI CHALTA RAHE AAP BOLTEY JAAO Amit Sir AUR HAM SUNTEY RAHE. Thank you So much

super77->kritika awasthi

Pranay Pareek

MBA Student, Bennett University. ( Rating - 5/5 )

SUPER77 was a life changing experience. It taught me how I can be more positive towards life and eliminate negativity. It also gave information about the latest trends in the job market and how I can carry myself and prepare myself for working in the industry. I'm very thankful to Amit sir for taking this initiative.

super77->pranay pareek

Roshni Siddiqui

MBA Student, GLA UNIVERSITY ( Rating - 4/5 )

Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live, co-creating a better life for yourself, and changing the way you live. You do this by using your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them.

super77->roshni siddiqui

Sneha Chand

MBA Student, LPU ( Rating - 4/5 )

Being with SUPER 77 helped me to build a better understanding for myself & for the outside world. Creating my own check points and implementing those in life has drastically increased my productivity and outcomes. Special thanks to Amit Pandey for all his value adding theories and making this possible.

super77->sneha chand

Taanniya Dhaawan

MBA Student, Apeejay School of Management ( Rating - 4/5 )

It was a great learning experience. Listening to great, scholar people was indeed an enriching experience. I feel really honored to listen to Mr Amit sir & many other great personalities. Thanks a lot to sir & all SUPER77 team members

super77->taanniya dhaawan

Raghavendra Prasad G

MBA Student, LPU. ( Rating - 4/5 )

SUPER77, the initiative that was meant not only to transform an individual into a charismatic leader but also into a pleasant human being in the society. SUPER77 was a thought of one individual to spread his love and humbleness to the upcoming leaders. This program also gave the lifestyle glimpses of many corporate leaders and their life lessons was indeed a teaching for all the SUPER77 participants.

A thought into a reality is a very hard task to perform but Amit Sir iced it like a pro. A thought which makes people transform into a better personality and a great human being is already a fantastic thought for an individual to have. Amit Sir’s theories were kind of a gem in which when a human being wears it, he/she looks glowing in his/her life. I discreetly say I was one of the gems. He (Amit Sir) gave all SUPER77 members an exposure to corporate life, how spiritual life helps us to understand ourselves, succeeding a habit into passion, learnings from movies and a lot more quality content was embedded into SUPER77 personalities.

It was an immense gratitude to be a part of such an impactful transforming thought. I would heartily thank every guest who enlightened us and shared their knowledge, to all SUPER77’s and especially to the HUMAN CHARGER.

super77->raghavendra prasad g

Savita Hosamani

MBA Student, Dayanand Sagar University ( Rating - 4/5 )

Earlier, I used to cry a lot if someone talked to me in a loud voice. I never shared this with my parents and tried to keep it to myself. But now, I have bloomed out from anxiety, fear and many more negative feelings. I love the new me. I want to keep myself happy forever and ever .This transformation only became possible with the help of SUPER77 team. I thank each and everybody for making this happen.

super77->savita hosamani

Anjali Pandey

MBA Student,SRMCEM. ( Rating - 5/5 )

Firstly thank you so much sir for giving me a chance for being in Super77 and transforming myself. It was really a surprise for me when I was selected for super77, from the first session to now , I have learnt a lot of things related with life and corporate World and positivity, Confidence increased in me. I can better relate now to personal and professional life.

In sessions sir told us many theories and concepts. I also tried to apply all theories and concepts In my life and I saw a good transformation in myself I was very shy and less confident but now i feel that something change in myself its all because of Amit sir. My confidence increasing day by day,many bad habits, fear failures, anxiety, stress gone and continuously a positive transforming, Sir's guidance and knowledge is extremely helpful, you are the coolest mentor ever. Thank you CC member and all guests.

super77->anjali pandey

Kiran Kaur

MBA Student, Bennett University ( Rating - 5/5 )

When I joined Super77 I had no idea what it is and what is going to be, but now I would like to thank Amit Sir for initiating a Program like Super77. I got a chance to listen to many industry leaders and one thing which was common in all those sessions was that they all were full of energy and I can surely say that Super77 can transform a person completely.

super77->kiran kaur

Sarthak Raj Tripathi

Kaizen Leader at Spirited Auto Cars India Ltd. ( Rating - 4/5 )

Journey from a feeble vision to a more precise and determined approach with lots of theories to apply in the process,
to become a SUPER - Man for life. 

super77->sarthak raj tripathi

Gurukiran SL

Bcom 2nd Year, Seshadripuram college(Rating - 5/5)

Good experience I learn in super 77.

super77->gurukiran sl

Tarun Kumar

BBA 3rd year, Dayanand sagar University(Rating - 4/5)


super77->tarun kumar

Anushree Trivedi

B Tech Student, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 leadership development program contains all the relatable theories and instances to make the sessions more
engaging and worth-attending! This has been an experience full of positivity and self-belief.
A big thanks to Amit Pandey sir for a wonderful initiative. This is a highly recommended program to everyone,
 irrespective of age or qualification. This shall be an amazing learning experience.

super77->anushree trivedi

Sachin Saurav

MBA Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

It was an absolute pleasure to attend Leadership Development Program at SUPER-77 Platform. The Program has
 inspired me on a daily basis and helped bring out leadership qualities and skills that I didn't even know I had.

super77->sachin saurav


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Amazing experience with super77 and we fell better and positive after joining the super77.
Amit Pandey sir's U-turn theory and 888 theory as well as many other theories are solution to every problem
what we face on day to day basis. Thanks to all super77 team members, all other mentors & special thanks to
 Amit Pandey sir.



B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

For me super 77 gives a lot of confidence to improve my skill and knowledge of leadership. I loved the super 77 videos.
If you are feeling regret Or sad pls watch super 77 videos believe me these are the best from best speaker.
Thanks team super 77


Garima Gulati

B Tech Student, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 helped me to aim building a lifestyle with professional leadership and happiness. One of the best lesson
 I got to learn is that we should be Sincere and not Serious. The 888 theory, stone paper scissor theory, it's ok theory
 and many more are really appreciable.
Thank u so much Amit sir for guiding me and entire super77 team for such powerful learnings.

super77->garima gulati

Devansh kasaudhan

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 gives me a lot of confidence and strength to achieve my goal in life.  As I'm a poetry writer so I wrote
 some lines:-
You show us a new way
And we're about to reach
Sessions are so perfect
And I give Super 77 all my keys
I don't say about MR. Amit sir
Who gave me a new way to think
He is jolly kind
And make anything from nothing.

super77->devansh kasaudhan

Shitanshu Rai

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

DON'T MISS THIS... This is the best program which helps us to get free from inner fear. How to become happy.How does spiritual life helps us to get relief from today's common stress. How can we learn more from our surroundings. This the best program where we can learn leadership skills, how can we become leader of ourselves.I'm very grateful to the team of super77, especially thanking to Mr. Amit pandey sir, Dr. Divya chopra sir, Mr. Ketan bhagat sir and Mr. Saurabh Tiwari sir...Thank you soooo soo much sir... such a honour to listen you...

super77->shitanshu rai

Shikhar Kumar

MCA student, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 has taught me how to be more energetic at work. It gives me right direction to analyse the things and ways
 to find your path in difficult situations. Grow with your friends and family, you will surely go at highest peak
 of your carrier.

super77->shikhar kumar


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Myself Pragya Yadav and I am student of BIET Jhansi College. This super 77 program changed my way of thinking.
I am totally influenced by the program. I have a great enthusiasm for attending such type of programs in future .
The speakers of super77 are very interactive.  They know about the various spectrum mentality of the audience.
I feel that after attending these sessions and by implementing the teachings in my life , l can become a good leader. 
So that I can lead myself in the projects of my life. Literally the speakers are too good, especially ketan sir .
He made me to feel the spirituality . Thanks a lot. From Amit Pandey sir, I learnt to be always happy in all difficult
situations. Thanks a lot super77...

super77->pragya yadav

Naman Kumar Sonker

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

SUPER 77 is a great platform to learn leadership quality
I am thanking all members of super77 for making this platform and sharing experiences of their life and such astounding
theory. when I commence taking those sessions video of the program. It transmutes my view to visually perceive a
world. now I felt like I am top of the world.
I felt like I am the most blissful person.

super77->naman kumar sonker


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

I had heard so many motivational speakers in past, but when I heard Amit sir in TEDx talk held at my college during
my UG course, It was so inspiring for me. From that day, I became a follower of his ideas. Through Super77 once again,
I got an opportunity to listen Amit Sir and his team for 10 days. It was truly a life changing session for me.
Always remember two days of your life, the day you were born and the day you come to know why? that has
become the mantra of my life. This quote by Amit sir gives me immense positivity and helps me to concentrate on my
goals. Various theories of Amit sir like 888 theory, Key theory, You are right theory (My Favourite ), Cricket theory
and many more had helped me to transform to a good person and transformed my personality. Now, I believe that
I am more confident and enthusiastic. Every day I wake up in the morning and take blessings of my elders, which
gives me a lot of positivity. Now I feel the zeal to accept new challenges in my life. The session on leadership was
really very helpful to me. Now I believe that I am on the road to become a strong leader. Overall, I can say that it
was a fantastic, life changing experience for me and would like to attend more sessions from you. Thank you Team


Prachi Kukreja

MBA student, Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences(Rating - 5/5)

Thank you so so much Mr. Amit Pandey sir for giving me this opportunity to be the part of super77 family!
I have seen so many changes during this transformation journey. Few months ago I was that shy girl
who don't even know how to start a conversation with any outsider! And now I can feel myself so confident about
almost everything! And ever since i watched sessions like how to create sustainable happiness. I got these positive
attitude and vibes that everything is possible! Nothing is impossible, its just your attitude towards everything which
makes it look like it's impossible for you to achieve. Whenever i used to feel like I'm getting that negative vibes,
I watch Amit Sir's videos and immediately I get that motivation to do it. I feel blessed to be a part of this awesome
family called SUPER77!! 

super77->prachi kukreja


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Its been so overwhelming to be the part of BASIC LEADERSHIP PROGRAM at super 77. At first I thought
 it to be a series of motivational sessions that would fly as smoke clouds as soon the program terminates as it
happens with me when I go for motivating video's but to my surprise its been so impactful that it has changed my
perspective, things I overlooked before I realize now. All this is because I realized that one need not to seek for
external motivation an inner spirit should drive you.
The key learnings for me are:
*There's no one called stranger in your life. Interact as much you can. Build a good social network and deal people
 very gently.
*Live life as it's your last moment. Earn friends , family and relations .. everything will automatically fall in place.
*Learn to be indifferent and be excellent in your work.
Overpower negative thoughts and create a positive aurora around yourself.

super77->abhinav chatterjee

Peddigari Naveena

MBA (HR) 2nd year, St. Pious X PG (MBA) College for Women, Nacharam (Hyderabad).(Rating - 5/5)

First of all, I would like to thank my friend Nandini, my classmate who recommended me about this exclusive
 program i.e., Super77. Soon after completing her 1st session, I have seen few changes in her, she was very much
excited and told that this is the best ever program experienced so far.
Hello all, this is Naveena from St. Pious X PG (MBA) College for Women. I would like to share few interesting
things and magical words about #Super77 (Personality transformation.com). No words about this. It's really an
amazing, wonderful, thought changing and extraordinary program ( I can say a virtual family) which I have ever
experienced before. It's not a course or any training session, it's all about a "life changing leadership program". Very
much delighted to be a part of this family. Thankyou so much @Super77 team for the great initiative and especially
the great industry leaders involved here for sharing their experiences, knowledge and the perception of looking
things in every situation by using different theories mentioned in the sessions. Special thanks to Amit Pandey Sir,
who encourages every individual to explore themselves by making the session more interactive and interesting.
Each and every session excites us to do more, think big and finally be a great human being with unique personality
by using different theories(not only particular theory) every theory (U-turn, Biscuit, 888 theory, It's Ok theory etc.)
helps us in solving some sort of problems (life related incidents) in different situations and how to move further.
Most of us feel that "Happiness comes from success" but I feel that "Success comes when you're happy". Not only
 being happy, make others also happy who all are part of your journey. Thankyou for the great opportunity.
I would strongly recommend this program to all the students as well as professionals  to go through the entire
 program, you will definitely find your personality gets transformed (changed) by eliminating all the thoughts like
 depression, anxiety, sadness, frustration etc and become a new version of yourselves.

super77->peddigari naveena

Jahnavi Tiwari

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Before attending the session of Super77,I was always sad and depressed. At all the time,  Negative vibes came in my mind.
BUT after attending the Super77's session, I always feel fresh, active , full of energy. Super77 is helpful for me as it totally
transformed me from dumb to an extraordinary. I also learnt how to be happy in every circumstances.Super77 is like
 magical program for me. Thanks Super77 

super77->jahnavi tiwari

Glory gupta

Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

This super77 has somewhat tell me , that how to live life at optimum level.
 All mentors are so helpful and friendly , at last I want to say that, sir you are teacher a student can ever hope for..
and your words will be strengthening me until my breath becomes air. (GLORY)

super77->glory gupta

Shubham Rai

MBA student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

I've experienced myself a Leader, myself a Communicator and myself a Warrior in that order. I can honestly say
 that what I learned from all of these *super77* classes has made me a better leader, friend and family member.
 I now have the tools to stay motivated, to motivate and inspire others, and to lift others up.

super77->shubham rai


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 4/5)

As a student we have many problems or stress, but when I watch super77 leadership sessions, I can explore myself
and I forgot about every problem in my life. Now my thought  process was also changing because I am full of positivity
and confidence. Thank you Super77 for transforming my life completely. 

super77->sonu sharma


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)


super77->abhinav bhardwaj


MBA student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

SUPER77, Is a  good platform to transform our Personality. I feel very much Happy &  Proud to be a part of this
SUPER77 Program . SUPER77, Video sessions is quite Amazing, Excellent. I have learned various things form this
program. It's a New & wonderful Experience for me..
Now, I feel much more Positive, Happy & Confident. I build the soft skills, strong passion & clear thoughts for our life.
I am getting more focused & dedicated for our work. This Program provides a key to enter the Corporate world &
doing miracles in life. So at the end, I sincerely thanks to  Whole SUPER77 Team for designing this good program.

super77->arpit goel

Hritik Raghuvanshi

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 is the best platform for learning the quality of leadership and learn some experience of life.

super77->hritik raghuvanshi

Arjun Gaud

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Before this, I am not aware of lot of things and reality checks that I got after attending session, where they taught
about very diversified topics which stands pragmatically in real life like; duality, time and leadership etc. That
obviously, it impacts on me at certain level which will play the important role in my life. These sessions are very
effective because this will give you the ability to stand out from the crowd and everyone should do that for self
improvement and also can create significant difference in our society or surroundings which is the most valuable
thing as a better human being. I will prefer this those people who want to be grow in life.

super77->arjun gaud

Supreet Kumar

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 4/5)

Very good job done by super 77 and team .

super77->supreet kumar

Kareena Gangwani

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

A platform that provides solution to lot of problems mainly overthinking , confusion , concentration , low confidence
and much more . Super77 was an initiative by our college that was mandatory at first because of which I attended
the first session but as I watched the session I knew one thing I was hooked up and yeah I watched all sessions after that .
It helped me a lot in mind clarity , in increasing my confidence and concentration even . Thank you Super77.

super77->kareena gangwani

Mukta Saxena

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The videos have been like some series which is an addiction. You will find your hidden sides and transform to become
more appropriate person. You will know how to be leader despite being a common person, how the changes can be
made and why you all need such motivational videos. The live examples from movies was my favorite part. Like how
much can we learn from movies which we think are just for entertainment. I am really satisfied after watching all the
videos. I would really like to thank Amit sir for bringing such thing to our college. A must earned experience...

super77->mukta saxena

Aneesha Chakraborty

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Helped me understand the importance of perseverance 

super77->aneesha chakraborty

Indrajit pandey

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was a thrilling experience, learned exponentially. It really helped to get the view of human behavior at such an
ultimate level. Thankful to team and Amit sir you are the best.

super77->indrajit pandey

Twinkle Goyal

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

There are a lot of transformation in me after Super 77 Journey. Some of the points learnt are: Be sincere, not serious,
Nothing is right or wrong, it is all about perspective, There is nothing called stranger in this world, it is only friends
we have not met, Difficult is Difficult not impossible, Life is all about accepting the unexpected, The two important
days in life: Day you are born and the Day you discovered your why?

super77->twinkle goyal


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Simply Amazing, life Transforming Experience for me.

super77->sasanka sekhar

Yashwendra Wadia

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was great experience. The program is very effective. All the mentors doing great really appreciated for their
initiatives. It is very helpful for young professionals. 

super77->yashwendra wadia


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 has come like a game changer in the life. All the videos have been truly helpful to me in every sense. I am
applying all the theories in my life and yes they have been a big help to me.

super77->surya kant dixit


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 3/5)

Super 77 has really helped me look at the brighter side of my life. It has given me a positive approach towards life.
I intend to take away great learnings from this journey. 


Neetha Nandyala

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was very useful in making an efficient leader out of us. Very interesting with the live examples

super77->neetha nandyala


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Thoroughly enriching. 



MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The videos were super enriching and super fun to watch.

super77->kaustov maji


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Before Super77 Life is just like a race but after connecting with super77 it tell me the actual meaning of life and
what is happiness? and what is the meaning of life ?

super77->himanshu singh aristh

Rohit Rastogi

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I have always had a focus on developing my skills and attitude as a future business leader, and SUPER77 gave
me the perfect platform to start exploring my innate leadership outlook and capabilities. I have the deepest gratitude
for the SUPER77 mentors for helping budding leaders and managers like myself through this amazing platform. 

super77->rohit rastogi

Anam nisha

MBA -1st year, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

After attending these sessions, I can see very effective and positive changes in myself. Whenever I get angry i start
counting according to counting theory. All these theories are very valuable for me i get all the solutions of my life 's
problem .All the speakers are so humble and motivational .Super77gives me another perspective to see the life. Thank
u so much super77 and feeling proud for being part of it. Thank u so much #amit_sir #divya_sir #ketan sir #surabh_sir 

super77->anam nisha


B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

It was a great learning experience. Listening to great, scholar people was indeed an enriching experience.
I feel really honored to listen to Mr. Amit Pandey Sir & many other great personalities. Thanks a lot sir & all
SUPER77 team members.

super77->pradeep kumar

Pranav Agrawal

B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Changed mind set and evolved new dimensions for living a better life in a better way.

super77->pranav agrawal

Divyanshi Sachan

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

In various situations of our life we need some inner strength and emotional intelligence that i learnt from the
sessions of super 77.The mentors told us how to solve problems in life and this is very important issue because we
all get problems in our daily life and sometimes we become week and lose hope. Also my self confidence built up
and communication skills were improved. These sessions bring positivity in my life.

super77->divyanshi sachan

Hema Thapa

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 sessions were really very motivating. The different theories explained by Amit sir were so good and
applying them in our lives will surely make a positive difference. Nowadays people are more inclined towards
achieving their professional goals and forget to live life to the fullest, these video sessions made me realize that
we should "be sincere and not too serious" about our work and also enjoy life and stress less. I would like to thank
the whole Super 77 team for compiling such wonderful video sessions and giving an opportunity to understand
life from a positive perspective.

super77->hema thapa

Diptajit Nath

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Really thankful to all the mentors for sharing such an insightful and exciting lessons. I would recommend this
program to all the students and professionals!!

super77->diptajit nath


B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

It was an awesome journey transformation

super77->sidakpreet singh banga

Shantanu Seth

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Great learning over the past week! It was very insightful, inspiring and fun to learn! 

super77->shantanu seth

Aakarsh Raj

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 has taught me to stay positive even in worst of situation and never to go back to the same problem twice,
rather once we are done with a problem, we should find a new problem to deal with.

super77->aakarsh raj

Rounak Dutta Saha

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 3/5)

It was a pleasant Experience listening to all powerful thought leaders.

super77->rounak dutta saha

Mayank Tiwary

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was an excellent experience listening to such wonderful people who are so influential. These videos really
helped me to think in a positive way in every situation and avoid focusing on negativity. 

super77->mayank tiwary

PVL Sravanthi

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 has been super motivational journey especially in these times of uncertainty. It gave me a different perspective
of life and how to handle things that come along the way. I started to experience transformation towards what I
wanted in my life. I would like to thank Mr. Amit Pandey for taking up such initiative and all other mentors who are
working towards making a positive change in lives of people. 

super77->pvl sravanthi

Prince Gupta

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Special Thanks to all Super 77 team. I always wanted to ace my leadership skills and was looking for videos on
other platforms to build my personality and then super 77 gave me this opportunity and i grabbed it for my better
use. Work life balance, mental stress due to work pressure is common symptoms of a so called common men and
Amit has done a fabulous job by recommending some of the best ideas to forfeit them. Thanks Again...

super77->prince gupta

Pooja Chowdary V

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was really an eye-opener. I got to learn many concepts to tackle the hurdles of life. 

super77->pooja chowdary v

Syed Ahmad Aziz

MCA student, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

Good Program, glad to learn real leadership from Super77 Mentors. All Sessions are very powerful and content
is 100% relatable.

super77->syed ahmad aziz

Sunita Gautam

MBA 1st year, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Amazing and powerful motivational

super77->sunita gautam

Sravan Yandra

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I would love to rate 5 on 5, I have never ever trained like this such exemplary before. Beautifully explained with
movie examples and also I liked all the sessions in a Super77. The teaching process was excellent.

super77->sravan yandra

Shivanshu Singh

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

After watching videos of SUPER 77, I have been transformed a lot.
Now I always remain happy, I don't get jealous of anybody's success . I will remain always positive and I have learnt
now how to be away from all negativity.

super77->shivanshu singh


B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

The journey with SUPER 77 team was very great. It was very great learning experience. It helps to build my
strength & forced to me to face the problem rather than being depressed. Now, I feel confidence in my life and
enjoy with fun. Thanks to SUPER 77 & my collage to give me this opportunity.

super77->akhilesh tyagi

Pratik Pandey

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

This is the best  journey for me. I have watched Super77 Video Sessions Multiple times & that has taught me how
to become a brand , how to handle failure & best part on how take decisions of my life.

super77->pratik pandey

J. Thriranjani

B TECH 4th YEAR, Er. Perumal Manimekalai College Of Engineering(Rating - 5/5)

Transformation journey transformed my life . Thanks for giving this type of session as free of cost. I like leadership

super77->j. thriranjani

Harshit Kumar Trivedi

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

 I am very glad to be part of #SUPER77, which is the one of the best personality development platforms. It was a
great experience toward skill development. I see many theories and have used in daily life also. U TURN THEORY
is the one of them which very great. This program changed my thought. I feel really honored to listen to Mr. Amit
sir(known as human charger) & many other personalities. Thanks a lot, to sir and all members of #SUPER77.
Thanking #bietjhansi for this golden opportunity.

super77->harshit kumar trivedi

Abhishek Yadav

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

It's amazing to attend the whole session of super 77 .It's great personality transformation program. Specially
mentors teaching attitude is the best. Amazing theories, spirituality and many more key features of the program.
And Special  thanks to Amit Pandey sir, Ketan bhagat sir , Divya Chopra sir, Saurabh Tiwari sir and whole team of
super77 to design such type of wonderful program. Thanks everyone.

super77->abhishek yadav


MBA-1st Year, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

If I would like to say in one word .. just amazing. Now there are two parts of my life, first is before super 77 and
second is after super 77. When i got this mail from my college  I didn't want to join this because I thought it would
just a so called motivational program, I had been already attended so many times, but at the last moment I thought
 let's try this program too and when I was listened to Mr. Amit Pandey aka HUMAN CHARGER i really feel that it's
different. Now I'm able to find a leader inside me, a different person who hidden in my soul now comes in to
outward, I really appreciate to all Team Super77, Mr. Amit Pandey & his team really doing an amazing work.
Thank You

super77->vansh arya

Bhadra Vijayan

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was an amazing journey with Super 77.

super77->bhadra vijayan


B Tech Student, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

I learn more from this about leadership nd personality development.

super77->ajay yadav

Regalagadda Shiva Jyothi

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Amazing Content, very well presented by all speakers.

super77->regalagadda shiva jyothi

Tanaya Saha

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Good Initiative, glad to be part of Super77. Learning is never ending process & I am lucky to be part of Super77
Leadership Development Program.

super77->tanaya saha

Deepika Juneja

B TECH 3rd YEAR, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

I was never a great fan of motivational sessions/speakers/videos, maybe because I just couldn't feel that connection.
While attending the live introductory session of Super77, I had a gut feeling of giving it a try. And after watching the
first video, I knew that I had made the right decision!

The best thing about Super77 is that all the theories and instances discussed by the speakers are completely relatable
to the life we are leading today. Even the ideas of the theories are taken from real-life situations, which make the
sessions even more engaging and intriguing!

I got to explore so many beautiful aspects of life in this journey with Super77, but the following 2 theories have
inspired me the most, have been incorporated in my daily life, and have helped me to become a better individual:
1. Be sincere, not serious.
2. It's never too late to take a U-turn towards the right direction.

Huge thanks to Amit Pandey sir for creating such a wonderful program. You are truly an inspiration, sir! 

super77->deepika juneja

Preethika Rayabaram

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The content is very candid and the walk through of skills to relatable things and humor is the best thing. Its funny
and insightful. I can honestly say that super 77 truly made a mark on my life.

super77->preethika rayabaram

Sourav Kumar Hati

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

All the sessions were powerful & energetic. I experienced a calmness while listening to the sessions. The sessions
touched on to various aspects and stages of life. I've started implementing whatever I learnt and I'm getting good

super77->sourav kumar hati


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)



Ivana Dutta

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Learnt about great skills that a manager needs to have, especially leadership. The fact that great CEO's are a part
of this program is what makes it so much more interesting.

super77->ivana dutta

Aditi Munje

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The Super 77 course has been a great experience. The insights and the perspectives that the speakers provided,
especially adding parts to learn from their own lives made it more credible and seem possible to achieve. 

super77->aditi munje

Arnab Gajbhiye

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Completely different experience. Automatically what comes to mind whenever any situation arises, is applying
those theories.

super77->arnab gajbhiye

Aditi Wankhede

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

We always admire & salute the armed forces for their awestruck courage & discipline, Super 77 is not less than any
armed forces which keeps on enlightening thousands of minds & imparts the zeal of enjoying randomness in life to
the fullest. The way they protect us from the disasters ,similarly Super 77 has given us the lifetime Mantra of protecting
ourselves from the personal disasters & embrace the ultimate happiness in this damn one & only one life.

super77->aditi wankhede

Amrit Mallik

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I am usually a happy and positive person and have known few of the lessons that was imparted to us during the
Superr77 Sessions. But we, as human beings, tend to forget these valuable lessons. I wish these things had been
taught to us from our childhood. Children and teenagers really need these sessions to keep the positivity within
them alive. Super77 played a crucial role in reminding me the positive thoughts and practices I used to implement.
There was an addition of fresh ideas and theories which opened my mind to such extent that I do not feel any
negative aura around me anymore. These positive things might be difficult to implement but practicing them will
instill them as a habit within us. After the sessions, I feel even more positive about my goals. A goal of a happy
and content life. Thank you Superr77.

super77->amrit mallik


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Liked the sessions very much. All mentors were fantastic. The stories and examples given by mentors were
really engaging and interesting to listen to. Also the theories were very good.

super77->abdul taiyeb

Akshita Singh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I loved this super 77 session. After a hectic day, I used to watch one video per day of this super77 series and it always
rejuvenated my mind and body both. It is like a meditation which improved my personality overall. I , now see the
world through a different perspective. All the movies' examples given in the videos and all other campaigns examples
as well were depicted very soundly and satiable. I look forward to engage in more sessions like these and I will surely
recommend this series to my friends or relatives. It was an amazing experience overall. 

super77->akshita singh

Anjali Dabral

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Great experience, I recommend that you watch one session everyday. 

super77->anjali dabral

Pooja Bino

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The videos were very informative and interesting. It definitely motivated me and helped me become more positive
in life.

super77->pooja bino

Abhiti Patidar

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 is teaches you the art of enjoying your life considering the practical aspects. The course content is highly
relatable and provides you the confidence to change your perception about life, people and happiness. 

super77->abhiti patidar

M Veera Mahesh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was an amazing journey and fortunate to be the part of super77 family with great mentors. It's an mazing
opportunity which transfers your negative thinking to positive thinking. 

super77->m veera mahesh

Raja Sen

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Be happy. Nothing is to be achieved under stress.

super77->raja sen

Aarsi Dedania

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

With Super77 video recording classes and live classes I have learn to stay positive and motivated in life. Learn
how to prioritize work. 

super77->aarsi dedania

Pragati Saxena

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I always have that desire to learn about leadership and super 77 gave me this platform to get mentorship from so
many powerful CEO's. It is a beautiful concept, helps you to be optimistic, keeps you motivated and teach a lot
about how there is learning in everything you see. 

super77->pragati saxena

G Uthara

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The 8 day program with Super77 has been an amazing journey of personality transformation for me. The theories
learnt through this program will remain useful throughout my life.

super77->g uthara

Khushbu Tulsian

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 is a platform that has instilled in me the zeal and enthuse to learn more about the leadership skills. It has not
just helped me in molding my thoughts but has also helped me in creating a positive aura around me. The way the
online sessions and videos were planned were commendable and also very interesting. The major transformation
that I observed throughout this journey was the idea of positivity and clear thoughts. Therefore, I would like to
thank Super 77 for this wonderful journey and for giving this opportunity to learn and transform. 

super77->khushbu tulsian

Nikhil Malhotra

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 has been a life changing program for me. I have attended so many programs, but no other programs have
been this influential. Ever since i have completed this program, i have been positive, enthusiastic, less worried.
It was pure magic. I would love to thank Amit Pandey for this program.

super77->nikhil malhotra

Kartik Gangurde

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Great journey of 8 days. Every word of this series has a history and meaning. I started feeling power and peace
at the same time in me. 

super77->kartik gangurde

Pratiksha Gupta

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was great watching all the videos and learning new things. Mr. Amit's management theories are very powerful.
Kudos to all the mentors and providing such amazing sessions.

super77->pratiksha gupta

Prashant Singh Yadav

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

So many small but crucial thing I got to learn from the insightful sessions. Always chase learning not earning and
knowing about the myths and facts of organizations and many more. I thank super77 for enlightening me before
entering the corporate world.

super77->prashant singh yadav

Vignesh M

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was an inspiring journey, all the videos were engaging.

super77->vignesh m

MANISH shukla

B TECH 1st YEAR, BIET Jhansi (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 is a amazing institute for change human activity to right direction
 Mentioning something
1-That I received from this session .we can use our energy in the right direction to make our life different from others.
as example duality of nature by Ketan sir, some reality of corporate sector by human charger  Amit Panday sir
2-After joining this, the curiosity to separate in some life changed to 100 percent.
Whatever you have learned, there will be a shortage of  word to say even then it will not end
But I want to have a separate session done offline in my college.
We all are so much thankful to #Biet Jhansi #Human charger Amit sir #Ketan sir #Dr. Divya Chopra  sir # 5-Saurabh Tiwari sir

super77->manish shukla

Lakshmi Lavanya Pagallu

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 has helped me transform my personality. Beginning from the theories like 888, key theory etc. they gave
me an insight and provoked thinking and understanding my innerself. Learning from Bollywood, one of my favorite,
that has significantly contributed to learn to understand and view the perspective/situation in life positively. This
journey has on the total helped me boost up my confidence to overcome my weakness. Thank you Super77 and
thank you Amit Pandey sir for the wonderful learning and enrichment opportunity.

super77->lakshmi lavanya pagallu

Ameya Telang

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was refreshing to watch, especially after the strenuous year that ended recently. 

super77->ameya telang

Satabdi Hazarika

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Each lecture left a positive impact on me in some way or the other. Everyday I would look forward to one of
these lectures to gain some positivity while working and they helped me immensely. The theories are a learning
for a lifetime and I wish to never forget these.

super77->satabdi hazarika

Praneel Manapuram

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The couple of hours we spent attending the sessions are worthy. It is a fun way to understand and assess the
challenges in our down the line. Overall it was a value addition. The movie based takeaway session was something
that has to be mentioned. Enjoyed the learning!!

super77->praneel manapuram

Prachi Poorva

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

I can't express in words to what extent have my thoughts been transformed through this entire session. I am
immensely grateful because this session has not only given an entirely new direction to my life but has also
opened doors of knowledge, positivity and happiness in my life.  Thank you Team Super77.

super77->prachi poorva

Sojali Mohapatra

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 has helped me to motivate myself a lot, I got to know how to avoid negativity and do my best. There is a
transformation I felt in me and all thanks to Super 77.

super77->sojali mohapatra

Gautam Advani

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

These videos are the best way to convert all the negativity to positivity in life. 

super77->gautam advani


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was a great learning and an amazing experience taking one throughout what actually matters in life. Indeed, a
much needed program emphasizing on the point that a realistic view and emotional stability proves much salient
for any individual.


Jo Ann M. Souza Eremita

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The videos are very practice and not your typical slideshow material. There is a lot of real world examples and
issues that are tackled. I really loved the theories and are following them to the core. Thank you for this learning. 

super77->jo ann m. souza eremita

Nikitha Kanna

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was a enriching experience.

super77->nikitha kanna

Ramya Sundari

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It honestly made me feel a lot more better than I did a week ago before I started Super77 Leadership Program. I feel
more positive than ever. I've had more than a couple points to take away. It is totally something that everybody should
try out, even if they think you are extremely positive. I'm sure one have at least a couple things/ theories they can
learn and implement irrespective of how optimistic they already are. 

super77->ramya sundari

Tarun Monga

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77's Basic Leadership Development Program is really good for anyone who feels overwhelmed with the long
list of work that need to be accomplished. This program helps to overcome the anxiety, stress and enables you to
manage the work.

super77->tarun monga

Thanashree Iyer

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77, has given me the Confidence that i can achieve things, it has taught me that doubting yourself is something
that only pulls you down. We need to trust ourselves, be positive and tackle with the negativity around us. Taking a
step towards positivity is taking a step towards success. 

super77->thanashree iyer

Vaibhav Agrawal

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The best part is this they will show a small video of some famous picture and after they will explain the meanings
behind this so after this u will understand and applied in the life.

super77->vaibhav agrawal

Syed Nurul Hasan

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 has boosted my confidence level and has given me the strength to face my problems.

super77->syed nurul hasan

Richa Dubey

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

A very unique and great initiative. The overall experience of the program was very rewarding and worth the time.

super77->richa dubey

Rithik Reddy Kothwal

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was an informative and interesting one. 

super77->rithik reddy kothwal

Heena Goyal

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was a wonderful course got beautiful insights, and altogether a different learning that you don't find anywhere
in schools or colleges , mind blowing experience .

super77->heena goyal

Alugaddala Priyanka

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Informative & Interesting videos , they inspired me.

super77->alugaddala priyanka

Pulipaka Harshitha Anullekha

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Informative videos, interesting and well-explained.

super77->pulipaka harshitha anullekha

Praketh Gondesi

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was really informative sessions which helped me hone my leadership skills and gave me confidence to go take
my further steps .

super77->praketh gondesi

Gouri Sohani

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The sessions were really motivating and developed huge positivity, and taught us how to handle the different
situations of life with various theories taught by sir.

super77->gouri sohani

Radhika Khemka

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 helped to have more positive outlook towards situations in life. It taught me the real meaning of Leadership.
It teaches us the importance of role of leadership plays in small aspects of your life starting from our daily routine to
our professional life. This program definitely added a lot of value in my life.

super77->radhika khemka

Priyanka M

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

A much needed session for all budding managers. Super 77 teaches us on how to deal with  people and look at the
situations with a positive lens.

super77->priyanka m

Sai Sruthi Vishali

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The sessions were amazing and inspiring. I felt positivity around me and got new perspective towards life.

super77->sai sruthi vishali

Sanjay Verma

Production Head, Escorts Kubota(Rating - 5/5)

Firstly listening of the video sessions, immediately remove mental stress & replace with positive energy to do next
day better. Next good point is that any time we can refer these videos for self development & team development .

super77->sanjay verma

Divyani Yadav

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was great journey all together , learnt a lot of theories & some different types of learnings like learning from
Bollywood film scenes , which I found different & interesting concept all together. Thank you for providing
positive vibes 

super77->divyani yadav

Harishankar C N

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It has a been a phenomenal journey so far. The most beautiful part of this journey has been the change in my
perspective and how I view things in much more positive way. What I earlier considered obstacles now I consider
them as an opportunity to reach greater heights.     

super77->harishankar c n

Nitin S.

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Its been a nice journey . the session made a positive impact in my life and also added motivation.

super77->nitin s.

Shamya Mishra

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was an amazing journey of 8 days. In such a short span, I learned a lot of things which will keep motivating me in
future as well. Its a very effective course and should be done by everyone who is struggling in personal life and
work as well .Thank you Amit sir for such an innovative course . That was much needed. 

super77->shamya mishra


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

True meaning of happiness was understood .

super77->devika praveen

Sudheer Singh

B TECH 2nd YEAR, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

I have never imagine that the session will be so impressive Every theory that I have learned here are real solution of
every problem of life, today I realized that What is actually our life and what is terms Why, Who & How, I have
also got so many facts power like power of chance, power of reaction, power of acceptance, the video clip of movies
are so much connected with our life that's amazing, All the theory like key theory, U-turn theory, 888 theory,
96 theory, Bottle theory, Lottery theory, Count theory are so connected with our problem that can't be forget in
our whole life whenever the problem will come we will recall these theory. 

super77->sudheer singh

Sanjana Das

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

My Super77 journey has been amazing for me, very inspiring and motivating. It has been a very enlightening
experience for me as it has helped me to tap into my inner potential and strength to a certain extent. The sessions
were very smooth and beautifully coordinated with certain important messages conveyed regarding different
aspects in our lives and how difficult situations in our lives can be dealt with grace. What really inspired me the
most was how the key to or the solution to all our problems is in believing in doing things that make us happy.

super77->sanjana das

Dibyarpita Ghosh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Super77 was a highly enriching program and the most beautiful part was that every thought was induced through
simple things that we face almost everyday or come across as a part of our routine, instead of heavy jargons.
I developed a sense of awe after realizing that we often missed the beauty in the small things around us!

super77->dibyarpita ghosh

Arvind Ganesh Iyer

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

With Super77 I got to know various aspects leadership and also what it takes to lead in life and set an example.

super77->arvind ganesh iyer

Jonnalagadda S Viswanadh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was a great learning and helped me to understand leadership in a different perspective .

super77->jonnalagadda s viswanadh

Chillara Gayatri

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Good experience

super77->chillara gayatri

Ashmita Biswas

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Given these trying times, being happy is something that is very difficult. But as Duality has told us, every low has
a high, so Super 77 taught me how to be calm and happy at every situation which is a great mood booster. 

super77->ashmita biswas


MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was very great experience .


Namrata Gupta

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 helped me learn how to be happy even in the most trying circumstances. With the changing times, hectic
schedules and people suffering from not only physical but also mental issues it is important to have a balance. The
sessions teach the most valuable things in the simplest of ways. 

super77->namrata gupta

Ayushi Agarwal

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super77 taught me how to be happy in every circumstances that comes your way. There were innovate and exciting
thoughts put across in every video. I can see a drastic change in myself. Thank you Super77 I enjoyed every session
of it .

super77->ayushi agarwal

Shrivastava Vandit Rakesh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Secrets of living a happy life has been revealed .

super77->shrivastava vandit rakesh

Sai Shruti Padhi

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It has given me great insight on leadership .

super77->sai shruti padhi

U Vilasini

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It's was a really inspiring journey looking at new perspectives of life and changing my mindset to a positive one. 

super77->u vilasini

Kavya Jayaprakash

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was a great journey hearing to all those inspirational words and talks. It was a wonderful experience. 

super77->kavya jayaprakash

Amarpreet Singh Pruthi

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It really changes one's perspective to see things. This program gave me the mantra to stay away from negativity
and rather create a positive environment around myself which gives me peace of mind. Kudos to Super77 team and
especially to Amit Sir.

super77->amarpreet singh pruthi

Akshay Kumar Ghosh

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 was excellent. Amit Sir has provided a different perspective of looking at life, the points have been well said
by great examples from Bollywood and others. The theories of life will definitely help me overcome negativity. A
much needed boost regarding Leadership, Self-image and mantras of life. Loved the videos.

super77->akshay kumar ghosh

Sai Mahima t

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Super 77 has truly helped me in my journey of improving my personality. It has enabled me to bring out the best of
me. Loved watched all the videos which further helped me to develop a growth mindset. 

super77->sai mahima t

Mannat Ghai

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

An amazing and enlightening program! Super77 is a way of understanding the basics of life. I have been able to
connect well to the messages delivered by the amazing mentors and implement the gained knowledge in my life
because of them. 

super77->mannat ghai

Sanchit Choudhary

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It helped me to look towards the life in a different way.

super77->sanchit choudhary

Snigdha Nair

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was a wonderful session that taught me to relish the world around. 

super77->snigdha nair


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The Super 77 is one of a kind. Be it the leadership skills or various theories related to life everything is very unique,
which one should learn. I feel so lucky to have an opportunity like this. I believe I am a better person now. Moreover
I will have a different perspective to life and to every situation that would come my way. Another thing which make
Super 77 different is the mentors and the experiences they share throughout the sessions. I thank to each and every
mentor of Super 77 for bringing such a wonderful opportunity for all the people out there. Overall my experience of
Super 77 was amazing !! 

super77->prashansa agarwal

Vishesh Rateja

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Super 77 was a great program that really helps with the outlook and approach to life. 

super77->vishesh rateja

Sumit Maurya

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Feeling whole different and positive vibes thanks a lot .

super77->sumit maurya

Pragyesh Bajpai

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Was very insightful sessions. Learnt new techniques.

super77->pragyesh bajpai


MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Change my attitude towards life .

super77->anup suklikar

Koduru Lakshmi Prathyusha

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 3/5)

Helped me better my personality .

super77->koduru lakshmi prathyusha

Shivam Rai

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

There's a reason why the program has the word Super in it. I experienced the change, first mentally then physically
and finally all around myself. Amit sir's energy is infectious.
Cheers :)

super77->shivam rai

Nitin S.

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Its been a great journey with positive impact in my life .

super77->nitin s.

Ashik Patowary

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

The videos were really productive.

super77->ashik patowary

Shreyangan Sarma

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Excellent sessions. Refreshing and Motivating. The experiences shared during the videos have helped to get a birds
eye view of what what lies ahead in my career and life and how to handle pressure and tackle situations well. Also,
got to know the power of unity and how important leadership qualities are for a person to inculcate.

super77->shreyangan sarma

Saathwik Reddy Bobbala

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Its an excellent program which reminds how the human thought process should be towards the situations going on
with him and around him.

super77->saathwik reddy bobbala

Gandhali Girme

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

The super 77 journey was quite eye opening. Made me think in a different way when it comes to decisions in life.
It gave a different, easier and healthier perspective towards life. 

super77->gandhali girme

Shreyasi Basak

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Life Changing event .

super77->shreyasi basak

Garima Grover

MBA Student, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It helped me improve my confidence and gave the real life instances quoted during the sessions motivated me a lot. 

super77->garima grover

Mekala Sushma

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Too many insights drawn from the day to day activities which made everything easy to understand and get motivated!!!

super77->mekala sushma

Pratik Mukherjee

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

This Great Event improves my thinking process and helps me to boost my career. 

super77->pratik mukherjee

Durgesh Nandini

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It was a great platform to understand the true meaning of leadership.

super77->durgesh nandini

Pankaj Badyal

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

After watching videos it boosts my energy levels and the positivity towards the work . Thank you for the videos,
its a great learning for me.

super77->pankaj badyal

Chinmay Roy

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

Indeed a revolutionary change in the way I perceive things or observe.

Thank you so much #Super77 for providing this Eye Opening Leadership Program.

#Super77 #Leadership #Thanks to #SIBMHYD

super77->chinmay roy

Avijit Gupta

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was a great learning experience. I was able to further understand certain things about my character that I have
been meaning to work on/change in the recent past. 

super77->avijit gupta

Ayushi Jaiswal

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 5/5)

It taught be to be sincere instead of serious. When it comes to leadership, its not about the action, but its about
the reaction. Always keep your Name high & Designation below. Be a human first .

super77->ayushi jaiswal

Susmita Paudel

MBA 2nd year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Super77 has been one of the motivation to be for what I always wanted to be. With every videos, I have been enlighten
and found the way to deal with my every dilemma. One of my achievement from Super77 is I have been starting my
morning with 20 minutes meditation and exercise. I am confident enough to continue this habit. It has been somewhat
successful to have my peace of mind.

super77->susmita paudel

Manash Pratim Barman

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

This week has totally changed my perspective on lot of fronts, that is looking things in a positive way and accepting
the grey color in between the black and white. Quite motivating and enriching sessions coupled with fun and
excitement to it. 

super77->manash pratim barman

Preet Akash Nayak

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

It was an awesome experience .

super77->preet akash nayak

Manas Prakash

B TECH 2nd YEAR, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

My journey with Super 77 has been one of a kind...an Awesome one.
I have learnt to see things from a better perspective which made a lot of things easier(by not Sweating on Small Stuffs).
Various Theories by Amit sir based on real life are quite a thing to grab on.
All the session that I had gone through had one major thing in common i.e. Accepting your defeats and transforming
them to achieve greater Success.
"Failures are a part of One's Life, Embrace them, Learn from them & Transform yourself to achieve Great Feats"

super77->manas prakash

Mudavath Sanjana

MBA 1st Year, SIBM Hyderabad (Rating - 4/5)

Overall video contents was great. If you follow the mantras one day you will develop your personality and character .
There will be change in your daily routine too. Happy learnings.

super77->mudavath sanjana


B TECH 2nd YEAR, HBTU, Kanpur (Rating - 5/5)

Beautiful program, very well presented to learn leadership along with various life skills which will help me to grow in corporate world.

super77->himanshu kushwaha

Amit Raghav

Senior Manager, Escorts Kubota India Pvt. Ltd. (Rating - 5/5)

It was seriously, oppss sorry its was sincerely a life transforming session. Now I can really say that I am a completely changed person in a positive way. Now I am in love with my work and there is no Monday blues. In fact I have started loving Monday Morning. Now I can see a positive change in my personality. Thank you Super77 for this wonderful efforts to change the society.

super77->amit raghav

shivaselvam Saravanan

B Tech CSE, MNNIT, Prayagraj (Rating - 5/5)

The values that I have learnt in super 77 are uncountable. It is so hard to explain about Super77 in words, its a beautiful feeling to see changes happening in my personality & everyday my confidence has gone up while learning powerful leadership & life skills. Even though it was only 1 week time has passed I am able to feel an extraordinary improvement not only in my soft skills but also my personality. I can proudly say now that this is a life changing experience. Best part is that I have started practicing all wonderful management theories in my life. I would never forget the morals and values that I have learnt here. Thank you so much to our College #MNNIT for giving me this life time opportunity & #Super77 mentors for transforming my personality.

super77->shivaselvam saravanan

Nida Anjum

B.com Student, IPS IBMR college Indore, Rating (5/5)

It was a great experience for me.

super77->nida anjum

Sonali Kumari

MBA 1st year Student, Rajarshi School of Management and Technology, Rating (5/5)

It has been really an amazing journey till date with Super77. The day I started to know about Super77, it started to build my interest. My mentor guided me well during my initial days. I learned how to communicate with unknown people and how to convenience them. It was always my dream to lead my own team and Super77 provided me that opportunity also as a Team Leader. I was curious to become team leader from my first day and after 8 days I got promoted to it. As a team leader my knowledge is growing each day as I got the opportunity to do work beyond sales in the field of HR. The main factor that kept my interest in this internship was Mr. Amit Pandey sir who always remained in touch and guided us. The most special moment in this internship for me was the one when I received the award as 1st runner up. It was really a moment which I will remember in my life. Looking ahead for more such moments. Thank you for everything Super77.

super77->sonali kumari

Khushi Rai

Student, Sant Hirdaram Institute Of Management, Rating (5/5)

It was really a great journey with super77 . I learnt many skills such as negotiation ,communication skills , interview skills, leadership skills , team work and many more . I'm waiting to learn more from this amazing company . 

super77->khushi rai

Jyotsna Singh

Student, IPS Academy IBMR Indore , Rating (5/5)

I feel highly obliged that I got an opportunity to be a part of Super77. The quality of knowledge that has been taught here is extremely different because in today's time it is important to know the real world. Now I'm more happier and confident. Super77 has given me the biggest and best. learning experience that I will cherish forever. 

super77->jyotsna singh

Garima Gulati

B Tech Student, HBTU, Kanpur, Rating (5/5)

Super77 is the best online personality transformation program . It helped me to build a lifestyle with powerful leadership and happiness. The best lesson I got to learn that - " Be sincere and Not serious" . I learnt many things like communication , leadership, management and soft skills development. I also completed my executive internship as a Business Development (team leader) at Super77. Special thanks to Amit Pandey sir for giving me the golden opportunity to work with Super77 . Thanks a lot to the entire Super77 mentors.

super77->garima gulati

Aman Sureshkumar Makhijani

BMS Student, HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, Rating (5/5)

One word - Perfect. My experience in Super77 has been just amazing and full of learning. Got an opportunity to enhance my skills and improve my mindset by contributing my best. The whole team is really supportive especially the founder of Super77, Mr. Amit Pandey Sir. He is a very humble and a down-to-earth person. Appreciation was always the key motivation for me. Smallest of achievements are valued which boosts my confidence. This is the best internship I have ever had till now. It's more than just an internship. It's like a family, a group of positive people who wanna see everyone grow and become better. Grateful for this opportunity.

super77->aman sureshkumar makhijani

Manish Pandurang Patil

MBA 1st Year ( Marketing), Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management, Rating (5/5)

It's really amazing to work with Super77. Amit Pandey sir is really motivated me to do work. Team leaders always help me out with any problem any time. I learn many leadership skills.

super77->manish pandurang patil

Deepti Dashore

BBA 2nd Year, Amity University Haryana , Rating (5/5)

Super77 helped me to overcome my weaknesses and because of their positive work environment I was able to complete my tasks easily. They helped me to overcome every difficulty that I faced during my internship program, which I'm very thankful for and have also motivated to give my best in every situation. The PPP which they mention i.e. "Powerful Positive Personality" They definitely live up to that and now I can proudly say that yes I'm also a PPP. Thankyou Super77!

super77->deepti dashore

Kalyani Balpande

B.Com Final year, Hislop College, Rating (5/5)

Words are not enough to tell my experience with Super77. It is an amazing journey with lots of fun and learning with Super77 I am learning something new everyday. Thank you Super77 for transforming me. Its Magical!!!!!

super77->kalyani balpande

M A Sanjay Lal

B Com Student, National College of arts and science, Rating (5/5)

I'm so happy and feels awesome to be a part of this super77 family. Studied a lot and got connected with so many extraordinary souls and also seen there fire and determination which helps me to better my performance and standards beyond my limits. Thank you so much Amit Pandey sir for making this amazing platform for us. Thankyou.

super77->m a sanjay lal

Swati Bhadoriya

MBA 1st (FT), IPS ACADEMY INDORE, Rating (5/5)

I'm really enjoying to work with SUPER77. Within a four days after first phase of sales executive internship, I'm promoted as an Team Leader. I'm glad to work with SUPER77.

super77->swati bhadoriya

Udit Chowdhary

MBA 1st Year, Amity Business School, Rating (5/5)

I having a great experience working with super77. The mentors and colleagues are super energetic and motivated towards their duties. The work environment is so friendly and everyday I learnt a new skill from them.  

super77->udit chowdhary

Nimisha J

MBA 2nd year (Marketing), IA School Of Management Studies, Rating (5/5)

It was a wonderful experience with Super77. I didn't think it was these much easy for me to find out the candidates. But every members and our team leader encourage us in each and  every stages. And didn't give any pressure to achieve this target. It's little bit difficult to find out the candidates. Because we have our 4th semester class and project are going on. Anyway it was a wonderful experience with team Super77.

super77->nimisha j

Lakavath Kavitha

M.com 1st year (Accounting and Finance), Central University of Rajasthan, Rating (5/5)

Really this is a one of the best platform to again and express our talent and knowledge. So I am very glad to working with this platform.

super77->lakavath kavitha

Medikonda Akash

BTech - CSE 4th Year , IIT (ISM), DHANBAD, Rating (5/5)

Started Internship with low, as I was unable to communicate with everyone, and day by day I started motivating my self and tried to communicate. After becoming Team Leader (TL), I  started learning leadership qualities by taking interviews to interns and managing the team and giving guidance. So, Super 77 had changed me a lot from nothing to something.

super77->medikonda akash

Khushi Sharma

B.com honors , School of open learning du, Rating (5/5)

In my opinion there's a lot more to explore nd experience  being a part of super77.  So far it's been a good experience which will be a great start for my career. Looking forward for more opportunities 

super77->khushi sharma

Shivjit Singh Lamba

B.com(hons.) 1st year, Shri Ram College Of Commerce , Rating (5/5)

Till now I have learnt a lot of new things. Its been around 2 weeks only and I am feeling motivated and passionate to complete my tasks. Super77 is a very positive platform in which a person transforms himself automatically by learning many productive skills and implementing them in everyday practical life situations.

super77->shivjit singh lamba

Praveen Ojha

B. Tech 2nd year (CE) , Bundelkhand Institute of engineering and technology, Jhansi, Rating (5/5)

I have very wonderful experience. It helps me to enhance my interpersonal skill. It helps to remove our negative thoughts by positive vibes. It also help me to improve my communication skills. 

super77->praveen ojha

Shashi Prabha Baudh

MBA 1st Year (SCM) , NITIE Mumbai, Rating (5/5)

The working environment is so good. I have gained so much experience and practical knowledge. Super 77 sessions are amazing and powerful. It taught me that the key to our happiness is within us, just we need to clutch that happiness and stay kind & strong. This is truly a strong personality transformation program that everyone of us deserves to watch and improve. We come across a lot many problems daily that makes us feel low and anxious but when we start learning how we can we stay calm and happy, I believe that's an achievement as you only live once(YOLO) so make every moment worth living. It increases your happiness index and teaches leadership skills. Everyone must enroll and watch these wonderful sessions.

super77->shashi prabha baudh

Surbhi Sharma

B.com 2nd year, Amity university , Rating (5/5)

Amazing and I had learn a lot of things.

super77->surbhi sharma

Shivani Gupta

Core, Ips academy , Rating (5/5)

I got a nice experience in super 77. Leaders are very helpful and I am so glad to have this opportunity.

super77->shivani gupta

Gaurav Pathak


It was really an amazing experience working with Super77. I am able to enhance few skills like Communication Skills, leadership qualities, negotiation skills etc. Awaiting to explore more with Super77. 

super77->gaurav pathak

Jatin Rastogi

BBA 2nd year, MPGI, Rating (5/5)

It was a roller coaster ride for me. From the day I attended my first meeting with Amit Sir , his magical words became my motivation and I targeted my aim to be a Team leader. Thanks to Nimisha Ma'am for being my constant supporter. Looking forward for many more achievement in Super 77.

super77->jatin rastogi

Dimple Dangi

BBI 1st year, HR College, Rating (5/5)

It is amazing. Getting to learn so much.

super77->dimple dangi

Sanskrati Jaiswal

MBA-1 Year, IPS Academy, Rating (5/5)

It is an amazing experience, I came to learn about many things like positive attitude, dealing with people. This thing motivate me to work hard more .Thank you super 77.

super77->sanskrati jaiswal

Madhurya Sarathy

BCOM HONORS 1st year, Seshadripuram College, Rating (5/5)

I am warm heartedly Thankful for the co-operation of this organization. I am fortunate enough to get the chance to work with such an amazing and wonderful organization like yours. Super77 is an organization that provided me an ample number of opportunities to showcase my talent and help me develop new skills. It was an incredible experience being a part of this organization. Words will not be sufficient to show how thankful I am for the co-operation and support with this organization. Super77 is unique from all other organizations.

super77->madhurya sarathy

Manisha tanwar

B-tech 2nd year, JC Bose University of science and technology YMCA Faridabad, Rating (5/5)

Super77- The human charger...Hey there, I am Manisha first of all I just want to tell a little bit about myself actually I am a introvert kind of person I was facing problems like hesitation, shyness while talking to others so that I always wanted to grab this kind of opportunity as soon as I came  across this internship without thinking twice, I took the opportunity. Now I am feeling so satisfied after completing my first target of seven sales. I wanted to be a team leader so desperately so that I can develop new skills. And my team leader (Kanak mam) helps me throughout. She always boosted my confidence. She taught me everything in a very polite manner that kept me motivating. Super77 has brought a drastic change to me by boasting my confidence and transforming me as a confident person. Thank You!!

super77->manisha tanwar

Sara Alex

MA Sociology 1st year, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Rating (5/5)

I had such a great experience with Super77. Soon after the induction program. I was recharged to do the duty entrusted to me. Going through the official website of the institute, I was pretty well impressive about the unique features Super77 have. 

super77->sara alex


MBA 2nd year, Acharya Bangalore B-school, Rating (5/5)

It's a great experience. I got to experience new things. I am happy to be in Super77 family.


Vikrant Kumar

MBA 1st year, Kanpur Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Rating (5/5)

Overall it is really great working experience. Great platform to transform our personality.

Thank you Super77 & my college for giving this opportunity.

super77->vikrant kumar

Ronit Patel

B.tech 2nd year Chemical Engineering, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Rating (5/5)

I am having great experience with super77. My communication skills grew much better, I build new bonds with my team. I'm very happy to be the part of super77.

super77->ronit patel

Favas P Azeez

Law, Al Azhar Law College Thodupuzha, Rating (5/5)

Its a very good experience, this internship is definitely useful.
We get real exposure of the corporate world.
Thank you Super77.

super77->favas p azeez

Disha Rai

BCOM honors , Seshadripuram college, Rating (5/5)

It was a really good experience till now with super77. I got to learn a lot of things . I can certainly say that my communication skills and confidence has increased just in few days . I can now speak to anyone without any hesitation and I give all the credits to super77. My TL Kanak ma'am has been really supportive and friendly . It felt really great working with her. Once again I would like to thank super77 for such an amazing experience and looking forward for more.

super77->disha rai

Aadhi Janardhan

B.com Honors , Seshadripuram College , Rating (5/5)

It was a great experience in super 77, I simply loved it. Thank you Amit sir for introducing this platform and
thank you Padma mam as she has helped me in all the ways she can, I learnt a lot, I have no words to express.
Thank you Super 77 for everything, hard to explain in words.
Finally Thanks to Hemlatha Maa'm of our college for giving this life changing opportunity.

super77->aadhi janardhan

Kamya Rastogi

B.tech (civil engineering) 2nd year, DIT UNIVERSITY, Rating (5/5)

Working with super 77 is very excitement, as it is providing me the opportunities to grow my soft skills and now that I have been promoted as the team leader, so really looking forward to work with them more and exploring my capabilities more.

super77->kamya rastogi

Manjunath M Chouti

B.com Honors 1st Year, Seshadripuram College, Rating (5/5)

It's a really great experience working with super77. It gave me a platform to improve my skills.
The whole team is supportive. It helped me to improve my communication skill and learning various life skills &
leadership skills. Just an amazing experience. I am grateful to be a part of Super77 & Thanks to our college for giving us the opportunity.

super77->manjunath m chouti

Yashaswini s

B.com hons 1st yr, Sheshadripuram college, Rating (5/5)

Simply amazing experience, Super77 is like magical for everyone.

Glad to be part of this organization, everyday learning something new.
Best part is weekly award ceremony and we all just enjoy running towards achievement.
This way we are learning & preparing ourselves for a better future.

super77->yashaswini s

Lavanya T

MBA, Indian academy school of management studies, Rating (5/5)

It was really good experience while connecting with people and I have learned a lot and looking forward to learn more.
Super77 is more like a family rather than a company & we all love Super77.
Thank you #Super77.

super77->lavanya t

Pallavi rana

Bsc botany, Sri Venkateswara, Rating (5/5)

I am glad to be part of super77 organization. It feels like a family, meeting so many new friends &
It is perfect combo of learning & earning. Finally I have become a more confident person.

super77->pallavi rana

Harshitha C

B.E 4th year, East point college of engineering and technology , Rating (5/5)

Super77 work environment is really amazing, award ceremony, positive culture, caring for each other,
helping everyone, real corporate world learning experience, fun loving culture with no pressure.
We all keep enjoying our work & task gets completed automatically.
Simply superb to be part of Super77 Family.

super77->harshitha c

Rohan Kumar

B.A. 2nd year, Banaras Hindu University, Rating (5/5)

It's a great journey till now. It boosted my confidence at another level. I have learnt skills those are need of hour. Thanks to super77 to give me this wonderful experience. Thank you ! 

super77->rohan kumar

Khushi S

B.com (Hons) 2nd semester 1st year, Seshadripuram College, Rating (5/5)

My experience in super 77 was very good because it has improved my communication skills and marketing skills.
Super77 is an organization which helps everyone to transform their personality.
It is really a human charging experience.

super77->khushi s



Super77 experience is hard to explain in words, its a beautiful feeling which one can get only once
get inside Super77.
It was amazing and so motivating. Just blessed to be a part of this organization.
Kudos to all mentors who have created such platform to give real working experience.

super77->sanskar singh

Suhaas A

Bcom hons 1st year, Seshadripuram College, Rating (5/5)

It was a good experience. It is a platform where you can transform into a great personality.
I am very proud to be a part of super77 family.
Thank you so much to my college Seshadripuram & Hemlatha Maa'm for giving us such a life changing opportunity.

super77->suhaas a


BBA 3rd year, SRM UNIVERSITY, Andhra Pradesh, Rating (5/5)

I am glad that I am working with Super77.Its been a great experience.
It is the best platform  to explore myself and knowledge.
Thank you Super77 for creating such a wonderful platform to transform ourself.

super77->harini padmaja solleti

Rakshit Sanjay Bang

imtech-1st year, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, Rating (5/5)

It is a great experience. I have learned some new techniques to deal with customer as marketing and sales executive .
Also I feel positive and confident. Hope to learn much more in coming time

super77->rakshit sanjay bang


MBA 2nd Year (HR), IA School of Management Studies, Rating (5/5)

Super77 is the best platform for personality development and sustainability of happiness. It was a good experience with the super 77. Great opportunity to work with supper 77 is like a complete family. I work with supper 77 as business development intern. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.


Prarthana Ranglani

BBA 2nd year, SHGS, Bhopal, Rating (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship in super77 and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references and I would also like to say I m really really proud to be a part of super77 and  my most favorite experience in this journey is that with super77 i have overcome the fear of public speaking and interacting with  new people. In first week of my internship I became Intern of the week and team leader, this made me realize that with super77 I can grow more and this role will also groom my personality.
Thankyou Super77! 

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